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Pete d

After two years searching on line, the Good Lord has brought me here. Praise God. This type of format is not that familiar to me. Mostly Facebook and chats with quick comments are how I share my troubled soul. It would go easier if I just imagine that is what i am doing. Don't mind the errors please or my extreme long windedness. I am finding myself thinking too much and the words are too strained because of the sense of permanence of this text.

Upon leaving the Novus Ordo, and beginning the arduous and perilous journey two years ago, I quickly settled into becoming a sedevacantist. As if being in the midst of modernist doctrines was not dangerous enough. I have recently repented of this grave error. It was the words of pope Francis and inaction of JPII, that gave me the courage to leave the erring fruits and crumbling edifices of Rome. I unfortunately, or maybe it was not so unfortunate, that at that time I failed to realize the pillars of their offices were still intact and immovable by men or angels. The move away may not have happened, if my understanding of such truths were made apparent then. The knowledge that something was terribly wrong was there, but what exactly that was escaped my grasp. I pity the sedes and pray for their return to our Lord's channels of grace. I pity more the Bishops who are under the powers of jealousy, and I pray to our humble Lady for them so they can share in her graces and the faithful can more freely drink.

I guess this is it for now. So much more to follow. Hello and God bless. Nothing can stop the Cross.

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Welcome to our shores! Welcome aboard Peter. You seem to have worked your way through a lot of problems. Reading your history so far it is evident Our Lady has guided you. I think you must have a great devotion to her. This forum is consecrated to her as you can see by the name. Take your time and browse through it. It has been established to help people to keep the true faith. God bless you and all those you love.