Twenty-Second Day of October


This Day, the Twenty-Second Day of October
At Jerusalem, the blessed bishop Mark, a celebrated and learned man, who was the first Gentile that governed the church of Jerusalem. His brief episcopate was rewarded by the palm of martyrdom, under the emperor Antoninus.

At Adrianople, in Thrace, the birthday of the holy martyrs Philip, bishop, Severus, priest, Eusebius, and Hermes, who, after being imprisoned and scourged, were burned alive, in the time of Julian the Apostate.

Also, the holy martyrs Alexander, bishop, Heracilus, soldier, and their companions.

At Fermo, in the Marches, St. Philip, bishop and martyr.

At Huesca, in Spain, the holy virgins Nunilo and Alodia, sisters, who endured martyrdom by being condemned to capital punishment by the Saracens for the confession of the faith.

At Cologne, St. Cordula, one of the companions of St. Ursula, who, being terrified at the torments and slaughter of the other virgins, hid herself, but soon repenting, came forward the next day, and last of all received the crown of martyrdom.

At Hierapolis, in Phrygia, St. Abercius, bishop, who flourished under the emperor Marcus Antoninus.

At Rouen, St. Melanius, bishop, who was ordained by Pope St. Stephen, and sent thither to preach the Gospel.

In Tuscany, St. Donatus, of Scotland, bishop of Fiesoli.

At Verona, St. Verecundus, bishop and confessor.

At Jerusalem, St. Mary Salome, who, as we read in the Gospel, piously attended to the burial of our Lord.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.

Omnes sancti Mártyres, oráte pro nobis. ("All ye Holy Martyrs, pray for us", from the Litaniae Sanctorum, the Litany of the Saints)

Response: Thanks be to God.