"The Last Pope" Fr. Malachi Martin



"The Last Pope", book that could have cost the life of
Fr. Malachi Martin

P. Malachi Martin: "the Church is the sine qua non
for the arrival of the new world order"

It was increasingly difficult for me to see Christ in one of my immediate superiors. There was no liberal cause that Cardinal Bea did not persecute. Even then he perceived the chief of the Jesuits of that time, Father Jean Baptiste Janssens, as an enemy of the faith.

The Pope is surrounded by men in clerical attire who do not have the Catholic faith; they work with foundations, organizations, international groups, financial institutions, governments, universities, and other agencies to bring a new world order.

(Transcribed from Mariano Apocalypse / translation by Luis Eduardo López Padilla)

Father Malachi Martin worked with the highest dignitaries of the Catholic Church, had 3 doctorates and direct access to the Pope. Eminent theologian, expert in the Catholic Church, ex-Jesuit and professor at the Obispal Bible Institute of the Vatican; He is the author of successful books, the Vatican, The Last Conclave, The Devil's Hostage, The Jesuits and The Windswept House (The Last Pope), among others.

He was specialized in theology in Leuven. There he received PhDs in Semitic Languages, Archeology and Eastern History. Also an exorcist for more than 20 years of the Vatican.

As a result he studied at Oxford and at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. From 1958 to 1964 he served in Rome where he was a close associate of the renowned Jesuit Cardinal Agustín Bea and Pope John XXIII. Martin died at the end of 1999. He was one of those who read the famous Third Secret of Fatima.

The controversial Catholic priest Malachi Martin does not live in a rectory, seminary, or any other place for clergy. In the 1960s, after leaving his job in the Vatican, he obtained a dispensation from his vows as a member of the Jesuits and began to live as a layman with canonical approval. Father Martin officiated at Holy Mass in private, but he was very concerned with the total alteration of "practically everything Catholic" in the last three decades (from 1960 to 1990).

His most recent book, a novel titled Windswept House (published by Doubleday in 1996), describes the political and religious intrigues of a small group of Vatican members who hold high positions and work for the Catholic Church to accept the New World Order. The novel describes the efforts of disloyal cardinals who work feverishly to subvert the Pope and the Church, and do not hesitate to murder, blackmail, and practice Satanism.

Father Martin was interviewed at his New York residence by John F. McManus, editor of THE NEW AMERICAN.

The Last Pope was initially located at 20 dollars and now it is not obtained at less than 100 dollars because "it is out of catalog".

Q. You say that your book is neither fiction nor reality, but a "fact" work. What do you mean by that?

R. Windswept House is a novel. But 85% is based on real events, and many of the characters that appear in it are real, even though they have been given fictional names. There are also some living people that I mention, like Mikhail Gorbachev, who is the same as reality. And a few key characters that are really a composition of several real people.

P. You left the Jesuits and ordinary priestly life more than 30 years ago. At that time you were stationed in the Vatican as a trusted person of Pope John XXIII and Cardinal Agustin Bea. What caused you to leave?
R. It was increasingly difficult for me to see Christ in one of my immediate superiors. There was no liberal cause that Cardinal Bea did not persecute. Even then he perceived the chief of the Jesuits of that time, Father Jean Baptiste Janssens, as an enemy of the faith. My colleagues believed that the formal oath against modernism, then required of each priest but later discarded, was a joke. That oath forced us to oppose the "renewal" of dogma. In essence, modernism holds that dogmas change - a total absurdity. I could not continue lending myself to that subversion.

P. Then you left the Jesuits. But that did not free you from your duties as a priest. What is your current status?
R. At my request, Pope Paul VI granted me a universal status for which I would not be under the supervision of any bishop. I do not see myself as a priest and I do not occupy any priestly position. But I'm still a priest.

Q. When you wanted to leave, was there any attempt to keep it?
R. Yes, I was told that I could become a cardinal, that I had biblical knowledge, ease with languages, youth, good health, a good memory, and all this placed me as a candidate to be promoted. But I did not want to stay because I saw that faith was being compromised by many.

Q. Your book begins with a vivid description of a sacrilegious "Black Mass" held in 1963 in Charleston, South Carolina. Did that really happen?
R. Yes, it happened. And it is also a fact that high Vatican ecclesiastical offices participated by telephone. The young woman forced into the satanic ritual still lives, and happily she has been able to marry and lead a normal life. She gave the details of the event.

Q. You refer to one of your main characters as the "Slavic Pope" and another as the "Cardinal of the Secular City." Do you mean Pope John Paul II and the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin of Chicago?

R. I can not confirm these speculations. I have written a "factual" book. It is not a documentary. There is a glossary out there that supposedly gives the real names of dozens of my characters.

Q. In addition to the "Cardinal of the Secular City," you negatively describe many other cardinals and bishops. Are these characterizations based on real events?
R. Yes, among the cardinals and the hierarchy there are Satanists, homosexuals, anti-papists, and cooperators to achieve a world government.

Q. Is there as much intrigue and disloyalty in the Vatican as your book seems to indicate?

There is more than I have given in the book. The Pope is surrounded by men in clerical attire who do not have the Catholic faith; they work with foundations, organizations, international groups, financial institutions, governments, universities, and other agencies to bring a new world order.

Q. In your book you say that subversive influences in the higher clerical positions of the Church are working to bring a new world order. What do you mean by "new world order?"
R. In its fully planned form, there will be a monetary globalization, and the flow of capital and merchandise will be managed by a single central entity, such as the International Compensation Bank of Switzerland. Any nation that does not submit to the globalized system will perish. Additionally, there will be an expanded United Nations that will extend its new ethical structure ... This will replace the Ten Commandments and will be the basis of a new universal religion without God. All Christians, especially Catholics, will be forced to endure a martyrdom in which they will be required to abandon everything they believe, they will be pressured to accept the new form of the state with their new religion. This new world order will not be centered on a group of buildings from which the emissaries will come to give orders to the world. There will be national legislations, but the governments of the world will be directed by those who are at the top.

Q. What do you mean by the "top"?
R. The force that underlies and of which I have written in Windswept House (The Last Pope) is structured as in a pyramid. It is wide at the base, where many individuals pursue their interests and expect to be elevated to higher positions. There are fewer and fewer inhabitants as you ascend the structure. Only a few reach the last command level, the top of the pyramid. These individuals have no allegiance to the nations from which they come; They are a new type of human being, internationalists who seek to control humanity. They do not have a God, but collectively, they intend to use religion, governments, and whatever they find useful to impose their will. For example, I think, the USSR did not disintegrate naturally, but collapsed by a premeditated order. Those orders came from the top.

Q. Do you foresee physical repression in this new world order?
R. Yes, although of a new type. The determined forces to achieve total power will certainly create detention camps, but the individuals sent to them will always be victims of completely legal procedures; they will be found guilty of breaking the law.

Q. Is the Catholic Church a greater goal than other churches?

R. Yes, because it is an independent international organization that can not be allowed to exist as a competitor. The Catholic Church has its own diplomatic corps of ambassadors stationed in the industrialized nations of the world. There are 180 nations that have sent ambassadors to the Vatican. No other church attracts so much attention. Those who work for the new world order must control this unique organization. The process they use to achieve this is described in Windswept House . In the book I write, "The Church is the sine qua non for the arrival of the new world order."

Q. You have described what would be practically a total disintegration of the Catholic Church that includes a refusal on the part of the leaders of the Church to expel apostate heretics and theologians, stop the false annulment of marriage, expel homosexuals, force the bishops to adhere to the laws and dogmas of the church, etc. In a previous book, you excuse the Pope for not taking measures to put an end to these abuses, alluding to there being good reasons for his surprising tolerance. Now, however, he has adopted a much harsher attitude that no longer offers excuses for his inaction. Why the new attitude?
R. It's too late to try to find excuses . The Pope must use his authority to save the Church from its internal enemies. The problem within the Church today is apostasy, having departed from fundamental dogmas, especially by those who occupy high positions. This is not the same as heresy and schism. The apostates should be expelled. When they are allowed to remain inside, the people gradually fall into the same apostasy.

Q. Do not you think that some Catholics will be upset with you because of their criticism of the Pope and his condemnation of the highest officials of the Church?

R. Some already are. However, the Popes are ordinary men who are elevated to an extraordinary level and given extraordinary powers. In general, but a very specific question, they are fallible as were Pedro and Judas. As for the cardinals and bishops, there are many great saints, but the church has been damaged for a long time by the intrigue and disloyalty of some of them.

Q. What you describe has something to do with the plans of the Italian Carbonari of the 19th century? That group was established to infiltrate the Church so that the Catholic clergy and the people would follow its instructions?
R. Precisely! However, the Carbonari was never a spooky association that operated secretly with hoods and tall hats. If you understand the tactics of the Carbonari, you know that their leaders never tried to destroy the Church, but that their intention was to use it. They recognized the Church as a force of social stabilization in the world and that they wanted their control for their own ends. Its central objective was to surround the Pope and the Vatican and have the Church following them. His plan was always to copy the church by putting its people in seminaries and convents, not destroying it.

Q. Has there been anything similar to what it describes in the 2000 years of the Catholic Church?
R. No, nothing like it. There has never been a time when practically at all levels of the Church, apostasy is fostered, protected, permitted, and not even condemned. All this means one thing to me: This does not mean the end of the Church; it means the end of the structure of the Church as we know it.

And I do not expect that in the end the Catholic Church in America will end up breaking with Rome and creating a formal schism. When there is apostasy, the ignorance of Catholics makes them obedient, if there is a formal schism instead of the apostasy of the prelates of America - and the prelates of any nation announcing a formal break - they would lose the obedience of the people.

Q. One of the several people who live in your book whose name is actually Mikhail Gorbachev. Is it more or less dangerous for humanity now that it is no longer the leader of the former Soviet Union?
R. He is much more dangerous. It is destined for great things in the plans of those who are carrying out "the process" that leads to the new world order.

Q. Does your book mention "the decline of NATO". Do you mean that NATO is about to disappear?

R. No, I mean the decline of NATO, in relation to what was conceived. Originally it was formed as a military alliance to oppose any possible Soviet advance to the west. There is no other Soviet Union that was the great military threat to the West. NATO should have dissolved, but its structure is useful, so a new political and economic role is being given.

Q. You mention the Council on Foreign Relations, (CFR) but only briefly. What is your attitude towards the CFR?
R. It is not the brain behind all this. There is a higher level of authority and planning that is based on the CFR and other groups. This is the Summit that I mentioned above.

Q. How have the respondents treated your book?

R. There have been no bad comments. However, many respondents have reviewed my book and the book "White Smoke" by Andrew Greeley, which recommends
the election of another pope who would face the problems that the Church suffers today. That, of course, is not what is needed, however, respondents refer to him as a conservative and me as a radical. It is funny.

The New York Times has not reviewed my book and I do not expect the editors of your book to do so. Not long ago, another work of mine was on the Times best-seller list, and they referred to me simply as "a good read".

Q. What is next for Malachi Martin?

R. In the twelfth century, the Jewish scholar Maimonides wrote for his people a "Guide for the Perplexed." I hope to write a similar book to help Catholics during this very surprising period in history.



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This entry consists of excerpts from the book "The Tempter's Hour", which compiles three interviews with Fr. Malachi Martin, carried out by Bernard Janzen in 1997.

After the appearances of a novel, in "The Last Pope", Fr. Martin would have proposed to expose the secret plans devised by the enemies of the Church, according to the information he had access to as a member of the Roman curia. In this part, Fr. Martin seems to speak of the resignation of Benedict XVI:

"That Pope [the one in his book: the one who still puts obstacles in the agenda of the enemies of the Church.] Is very permissive in certain things, but is absolutely against loosening the Church's prohibition on irregularities. morals such as abortion, contraception ... divorce and second marriages ... This is a barrier.

Now, many ecclesiastics, including cardinals, have said that we have to change our laws on abortion, contraception, divorce and second marriages.
Then they want to experiment with women priests and that Pope says No! And they want to experiment with married priests and that dad says No!

On the other hand, the Luciferians ... have an inner prophecy that says that unless the prince
[the prince of demons. N. of NP] is correctly installed in the citadel, ie the Vatican, they will have lost. Now, to install the prince and complete the enthronement, you must get rid of that Pope ... how? ... They can kill him or resign him . [Note to readers that Fr. Martin writes this in 1996. N. of NP] Now, they're not going to kill him because that's too dirty. Also, the secret will not last. The easiest thing is to persuade him to resign . He is already more than 75 years old. The bishops renounce when they reach 75, and he is a bishop. "


Windswept House (The Last Pope) is written in the form of a novel, which is a very useful literary genre. People ask "How much is this real in this book?" "How much is imagination?" And I always tell them that 85% of the characters are real and 95 percent of the events are real, but they are hidden in a novel way.

The main theme, which could surprise many people, is this: the organization called the Roman Catholic Church, composed of cardinals, bishops, priests, religious men and women, who runs dioceses, parishes, schools, academies and institutes, is in apostasy. This is a very strong statement. The one who is apostate denies basic truths of faith. For example, "God does not exist" "There is no hell", "Divine Grace does not exist", "there is no personal sin". At this time, a considerable majority of Catholics are in apostasy. And at least a considerable number of cardinals, bishops, priests and religious are in apostasy.

The current apostasy is worse than the Arriana heresy that denied the divinity of Christ. We are in a terrible situation where the men of the Church do not believe that Jesus is in the Blessed Sacrament. They do not even believe that Jesus is God. They are in charge of the Church!

The leaders of the conciliar Church rigidly follow Vatican II. They are in apostasy but many do not know it.

They no longer find the rosary useful and do not believe in the privileges of Our Lady. All that left. And the most terrible thing is that if you lose faith, you do not even know that you lost it!

As you know, anyone who talks about a conspiracy is labeled a crazy conspiracy. But we have the evidence that before Vatican II there was a plan and some day we will be able to publish everything. We now know that there was a plan that influenced John XXIII to call a council. Once the Council was called, we know that cardinals like Suenens of Belgium and Koening of Vienna conspired to change this council from being a Catholic council to what it became. It became something that broke with the Tradition of the Church and produced the documents that now form the basis of universal apostasy in the Roman Catholic Church.
Earth Charter , which is the charter for the new world order. It has its own commandments, instead of the Ten Commandments. It will be voted on at the United Nations and will be a law for all nations. Once this letter is implemented, nature will be re-worshiped and man will be seen as a bad influence on this world, a pernicious and contaminating destroyer of Mother Nature. This new religion is the worship of the earth. Mother Nature is everything. Gaia is the name of her goddess. Mikhail Gorvachev is a cruel atheist. How can it be received with honors? How can he receive Fidel Castro, who has prisoners dying in his famous prisons, and who is also a Marxist of the worst order, and who has persecuted the Church? You do not receive these people! Can you imagine the Pope in 1520 receiving Luther in the Vatican with honors? Come on!

There is no doubt. Lucifer is the prince and he now has a place within the central citadel of the Vatican.

When exorcisms are made, minors and elders, demons constantly mock the condition of the Church. They say: "We are in San Pedro. In the Vatican we can talk to whomever we want. We have our representatives sitting next to your Pope every day . " Or "What are you talking about? We are legitimate " , " How dare you! Our prince has been enthroned, installed, and you are still against us! Why are you persecuting us? " I'm quoting the demons now. This is what they say. It's scary One keeps repeating the Name of Jesus and the prayers and the order to come out. Eventually they come out, under protest. They say: "We are honored by cardinals in France. The prince is worshiped by men of the Church. We can not be so bad. Why are they against us? "

Unfortunately, it is a fact that priests and nuns, but above all prelates, have become partakers of covens and worship Satan. Some of them are destined to accomplish important jobs. Some of them are destined to become cardinals, which is very important. Others are simple bishops or simple priests. But some are destined to be influential and therefore can do a lot of damage. And they get special attention. Believe me, they get special treatment. And they receive illumination. And they devise means to do what they should do. And they become rich. And they get preferential treatment. And they please many.

Then there is this that is a frightening phenomenon: they know each other. There is a spiritual smell. There is a sign on your forehead, or I do not know what it is. Once they belong to the Bad, they know each other, even if they have never seen each other before. And they will protect and promote each other usque ad mortem [until death. N. of NP].

What is your agenda? It is this: They want to completely erase the supernatural in Roman Catholic teaching, so that we become human beings without motivation for spiritual concerns. Then we will succumb to his plans for humanity, which are nefarious plans.

The Church must preach that in this life there is only one really important purpose: to go to heaven. The agenda of the new order says: "forget it! We must get rid of this pernicious myth. And we get rid of this myth if we make our the central magisterium, and this is the Pope. We must have the Papacy. We must corrupt the Pope. We must have the Pope on our side. " And eventually one of them will be elected as Pope, so he will be completely obedient.

At Windswept House , Dr. Channing, who was openly Satanist, says that they had a great influence on the new liturgy. Of course they did. Dr. Channing is a real person, but I will not reveal his identity. It is a very important Luciferian in the world. The Luciferians had an enormous influence in the creation of the new mass.

Now the Church is being pushed to fit the world. John Paul II said, "Regarding the primacy of the pope, maybe we can talk about it, too . " If they say "Malachi, I want to discuss abortion, the pros and cons" , I'll say "I'm sorry, there are no pros. This is what the Church teaches about abortion. End point . " If you tell me: "Malachi, I want to discuss the possibility of homosexuality as an alternative way of life" , I will say "I'm sorry, the Church does not allow it". There are things that are not discussed. The Papal Primacy is not discussed. It can be explained, but not discussed.

The Luciferian agenda sounds democratic and fair and impartial. He is gentle and forgiving and permissive and humane and understanding and makes life easy. But there are certain things where there can be no commitment or discussion.

A key goal of the Luciferian movement is to gain full control of the papacy, because if they do not have total control over it, if they have only partial control or part of the papal government, the other party will go against them. They must control it completely. There are two ways to control: Or control is exercised by giving direct orders that are obeyed, or doing so in such a way that their will, their orders, are fulfilled without their noticing.

A majority of church men think they are fine, but some of them have lost faith. Others are weak and do not want to go against the tide. They do not want to get up. There are many that I know that do not commit any serious sin but do nothing. They accept everything. They are almost as bad as those who consciously fulfill Lucifer's evil commands.

Regarding the resignation protocol in Windswept House , this is the point: That Pope [the one in the book: the one who still puts obstacles in the agenda of the enemies of the Church. N. of NP] is very permissive in certain things, but is absolutely against loosening the Church's prohibition on moral irregularities such as abortion, contraception, masturbation, divorce and remarriage. This is a barrier.

Now, many ecclesiastics, including cardinals, have said that we have to change our laws on abortion, contraception, divorce and second marriages. Then they want to experiment with women priests and that Pope says No! And they want to experiment with married priests and that dad says No!

On the other hand, the Luciferians have a very tight schedule. They have an internal prophecy that says that unless the prince is properly installed in the citadel, ie the Vatican, they will have lost. Now, to install the prince and complete the enthronement, you must get rid of that Pope. Now, how to get rid of this Pope? Well, they can kill him or resign him. [Note to readers that Fr. Martin writes this in 1996. N. of NP] Now, they're not going to kill him because that's too dirty. Also, the secret will not last. The easiest thing is to persuade him to resign. He is already more than 75 years old. The Bishops renounce when they reach 75, and he is a bishop.

Every conversation I put in the book is based on real conversations that I listened to or actively participated in.

The Pope is the great stumbling block. Catholics fall into different categories. Or they say "Well, he is the Holy Father. We do not understand why he does this. We believe he does the best he can and we will understand later. " Others say: "No, he is in error, he has stopped being Pope. We do not owe our loyalty. " There is no true consensus regarding the Holy Father.

What is my attitude? My attitude is this: Someday the Church will infallibly pronounce a judgment on each pope. I will pray for him and defend him as my Pope. But I will not agree with him when I teach something that goes against what the Church has taught me. In fact, we are forced to resist error.


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(Excerpts from the book "The Tempter's Hour", which compiles three interviews with
Fr. Martin, conducted by Bernard Janzen in 1997)

John Paul II had a geopolitical strategy to tear down the iron curtain. Until 1981, he was persuaded that he would have a long reign ahead of him and that he had plenty of time to work on solutions to problems. Then he was shot. When he was in the Gemelli hospital in Rome, he had a vision. He had the vision of Fatima. He thought that God had revealed it to him. So he suddenly sent for his personal secretary and got a copy of the Third Secret, which he had not studied yet. He read it and then called a nun, a well-known nun who is an expert in Fatima, and sent her to Portugal to talk to Sister Lucia. And when he left the hospital it was obvious that he had another geopolitical goal in mind. He felt that he would not live long and that his papacy would not last long. He established as much geopolitical influence as he could to liberate Eastern Europe. But there was a flaw in his armor. And the fault was this: he won through an organization called Solidarity. The problem is that Solidarity was a purely secular movement. Nothing religious! It was through Solidarity that they defeated the Stalinists in Poland. It was Solidarity that made Edward Gierek, the Polish leader, fall along with his entire government. He relied on secular organizations to execute his geopolitical strategy. I was not acting through faith. No, he was doing politics and it was the geopolitics of reason, not faith. By 1989, he was very immersed in the geopolitics of reason and became a friend of Mikhail Gorvachev. He became very close to the Americans. He relied on secular movements to achieve spiritual ends and that did not happen. Things got worse!

So the liberation of Eastern Europe did not have the spiritual fruits it expected. Because John Paul II made a mistake, the same mistake that John XXIII and Paul VI made. I have been asked again and again, "Why did these three popes make this mistake?" The mistake was that these Popes did not obey the mandate of the Queen of Heaven. She said that all the bishops together should consecrate Russia. And Russia would become. If this consecration had taken place, Russia would have become Catholic, Marxism would have ended and there would be no punishment. But She also said that if the consecration were not performed, His Son was going to punish us all. John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II disregarded this order and warning. John XXIII said: "The children did not know what they were saying. They thought that Russia was a prostitute in the streets of Lisbon. I am talking to Nikita Khrushchev and he will allow observers to come to my council if I do not condemn communism. " And therefore, John XXIII did not allow the council fathers to condemn communism. He said: "We will not publish this letter ever. It will never be published. And I will not consecrate Russia because if I did, Nikita Khrushchev would consider it an act of war. If all the bishops, 2700, came together in one place and condemned communism, the Soviets would consider it an act of war. Then certainly there would be persecution. " That was the reasoning of John XXIII. Paul VI simply feared his own shadow and also, he did not really believe in Fatima. John Paul II believed in some way in Fatima, but he did not believe in the whole message. He decided that he could not do the consecration because he was not the Pope of 1960.

In fact, he allowed Sister Lucia to be silenced and the Fatima message suppressed. His secretary of state, Cardinal Casaroli, who is an atheist, suppressed through the representatives of the Vatican the message of Fatima as much as possible. For example, the apostolic delegate in Lisbon and all his staff were very supportive of Fatima. Casaroli changed them and put an apostolic delegate who was not. This is how he acted. So, why did the last three popes refuse to obey Our Lady's mandate? When John Paul II was asked to consecrate Russia, all he did was kneel in San Pedro and half of the consecration of the human race to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, he said: "It enlightens especially those peoples who particularly need to be entrusted and consecrated. " What kind of talk is that? For me it's talk. I believe that the reason that the Consecration has not taken place goes back to Lucifer. He simply has too much power among the prelates of the Church. It is perfectly capable of neutralizing people who try something.

We are talking about the Queen of Heaven! And although John XXIII was worried that Nikita Khrushchev would declare war on us, he should have said [to N. Lord. N. NP]: "You want this to be done, so you must have a plan. I must trust in You! But there was no confidence, no confidence at all. They have been fundamental pieces in allowing the destruction of the organization [of the Church. N. of NP]. And they will have to answer for it!

But the message of Fatima still stands. Still stands! Russia's mistakes are now widespread in the world. Our Lady said, "Russia will be converted . " So Russia will convert if She said she would, but she also said it would be late. So Russia is a crucial part of God's plan. Why? The answer to that question would take me very far in the field of papal secrets. But the fact is that Russia is part of God's Plan. It is God's choice.

It is a fact, we have the testimony of Our Lady that God will visit humanity to punish her for her sins. Our Lady has said it in her apparitions that are approved by the Church. It will not be a simple flood or plague. It will be something much worse. This must be believed, unless you are a cynic and do not accept the apparitions of Our Lady approved by the Church. If you do not believe, you will have a sudden awakening someday. I think the Queen of Heaven has manifestly warned us that, within a few decades, there will be problems.

Then time will tell, but I believe that "keeping your eyes on the sky" is a prudent slogan. I think the sign of Our Lady will appear in the sky soon. This will be a shock for everyone. It will alert everyone that there is a God and that we are responsible before Him. Unfortunately, He will not convert anyone. It will not make unbelievers believe. But it will confirm those who have faith. It could help those who hesitate in faith.

This happened more than once before the war began, but few people paid attention to it. The only man who paid attention was Hitler. On August 23, 1939, Hitler was in Berghof. This was the night that some called the great Northern Lights. A light of unusual intensity illuminated the sky. Hitler was watching this show with his friends such as Goering, Goebbels and Himmler, and his men asked "what do you think about this ?, and Hitler said:" there will be bloodshed. " In America they said that it was simply an aurora borealis.

It was like in 1986, when the miracle of Fatima took place in Rome. It was photographed by Italian television but it was not shown in America. This shows how the news of Our Lady is suppressed by the media. The miracle happened in a place called Tre Fontane, where Our Lady has a sanctuary. Suddenly the sun began to spin. I have the recording, it is shocking, with the sun spinning, approaching, changing colors.

So we are in this situation, the media do not want to advertise Heaven or the signs of Heaven. But there will be a signal that they can not ignore because everyone will see it wherever they are.





(Excerpts taken from Shoes of the Fisherman , interview with Fr. Martin by Bernard Janzen in 1993)

The Romans declared that Bishop Lefebvre and the four bishops are excommunicated. But nobody believes that these excommunications are valid, not even the Romans. They know it was a formal action designed to scare people away from them. But Bishop Lefebvre was not excommunicated and he did not die excommunicated. In Rome, this is admitted behind closed doors, although they will not admit it in public.

The hatred of Bishop Lefebvre is very great. The official position is that he is excommunicated, but the men of the Church know that he is not. There is a lot of controversy, but this is one of the achievements of Bishop Lefebvre. He has put a thorn in the throat of the Roman bureaucrats. They can not swallow it or throw it out. The difficulty for the Romans is that they can not stop the Lefebvrist. They are very well established financially. They are independent. Rome can not take its buildings. All these buildings belong to a separate legal entity. This is what infuriates the Romans of the whole Lefebvre controversy. It is untouchable. Now, the Romans ask him to come to Rome to speak. Then, a spokesperson for the FSSPX, like Fr. Schmidberger says: "Yes, we will talk, but these are the conditions" . And of course, the conditions are always unacceptable to the Romans and therefore the conversations are broken. Then the Romans wait a little and come back again. And again and again, because the followers of Bishop Lefebvre do not give up. If Lefebvre had yielded to Rome, his organization would now be dead. They would have taken it and liquidated it. Lefebvre saw this danger and said, "we will not continue with this farce."

Then they can no longer eliminate the Roman Mass. Bishop Lefebvre has many followers, financial security and independence in many nations around the world. Rome has been defeated in its own game. They can not eliminate the Roman Mass. That is why Rome established the Indulto, the Ecclesia Dei Commission and the San Pedro Fraternity.

Then they can not be eliminated. This is what infuriates the Roman authorities, it really infuriates them! If they could buy them they would do it and then they would close everything. If they owned these seminars, they would close them but they can not do it. [But, according to Bishop Fellay, Rome has changed: it no longer wants the destruction of the SSPX. "If this is true, and I'm sure of that, that demands from us a new position with the official Church." (Appointment of Cor Unum 101 ) N. of NP]