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CoV-19... global pandemic or global government?

I am in Sydney, Australia and I am seeing basically the Book of Revelation occurring here. Despite this situation supposedly being a "medical" condition it has been largely replied to in a martial way. Sydney is now overrun with state police, federal police, state sheriffs (from the court system), council rangers and there has been an increase in private security guards. As for doctors, nurses and other health workers being on the street? There has been extremely few to none. But what I have noticed is that the state and federal governments give out proclamations which counter (if not diametrically oppose) each other. It seems we are being ruled by a moral relativist ideology, "what true for you is true for you and whats true to me is true to me." Maybe this old saying by Hasan of Alamut (founder of the Assassins movement) is more relevant - "Nothing is true; all is permitted". And this is what we have today.

Indeed on Australian TV we were told that there were 8 varieties of the CoVID-19 virus, now we are told there are 30 varieties. We are told it is also 'evolving' to somehow make itself resistant to vaccines and other medicines. We were told if you got it you died, it reminds me of the HIV/AIDS hysteria of the 1980s. The paranoia among the population has become so ingrained even the public toilets in the Sydney CBD have been shutdown. Why? Because the virus is waiting for you to go into the toilet (these are unisex single cubicles) so it can infect you! The Sydney CBD also has an army of people continually washing and sweeping the streets because "virus gonna get ya!", despite the fact that CoVID-19 is an aerial virus. But what sort of virus is it? More people will die from common colds and flu than from this 'designer' disease.

In Australia church services have been abolished which also abolished Easter and the April 25 Anzac Day (veteran remembrance day) what effectively abolished and what took its place was a parody. As far as both state and federal governments were concerned it was to be commemorated by standing in your driveway at dawn, much in the same way you wait for a taxi or a pizza. Church services and Easter weren't worthy of a mention. There is no guaranteed date to when this will end and what people have to consider is that there is no guarantee that the rights and freedoms that have been taken away will ever return. So Australia is being put on a war footing because of a disease that actually cannot be defined, and as it cannot be defined it cannot be cured. You should also note that when CoVID-19 became known among the general population one of the first things done by the government (as a whole) was to recruit and send out hundreds of thousands of "mental care professionals". When was the last time you called a psychiatrist or psychologist or social worker the last time you coughed?

In fact CoVID-19 has no special symptoms that differentiate it from a cold or flu, in fact in most cases it has no symptoms. I remember a TV segment in which a girl claimed to have CoVID-19 despite having no symptoms but she "knew" she had it and it was accepted by everyone.
So is it a genuine virus? Or is it a variant of another virus which allows more lethal viruses to piggyback upon it which actually cause fatalities? Myself I think it is actually pneumonia that is killing people, infants and the elderly are the most prone to this and make most of the fatalities. You might ask why the medical fraternity is not explaining all that is happening in simple logical terms, I will answer that by saying that you are not dealing with an independent grouping of doctors. No you are dealing with the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) which is an agency of the United Nations (U.N.) and is largely made up of bureaucrats, one worlders, and other hangers on. For people like these as well as celebrity types among others, the CoV-19 is a never ending, well paying mealticket.

You can add in closure of independent private enterprise, this being done with "social distancing" policing. Unless your customers are at least 1.5 metres away from each other you will be fined. Depending on who you have surveiling your business you can be busted if they are not in a space of 4 square metres alone. The punishment is fines (a typical business will be hit $1500 for a violation) and indeed this does seem to be more about shutting down independent private enterprise and lining the states' pockets. If people choose to buy milk in a supermarket (corporate) then why is it deemed an 'essential' business and yet a coffee shop will be hit for providing the same service. And yet a coffee shop can cater for social distancing whereas a supermarket cannot or will not.

I was in Martin Place (Sydney CBD) today outside the Channel 7 TV studio and they have one of those light displays in which a continuous list of headlines is displayed. Among todays' listing was "CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK IMPACTS MENTAL HEALTH", so we have what is supposed to be a physical illness now drawing in mental health. This would suggest that any "cure" would have to compose of physical and mental elements, but there is one component that would make it 'complete' - the spiritual. I suppose you could say there is a spiritual component or more correctly an anti-spiritual component, it is called atheism which has been indoctrinated into children via the education system along with the likes of transgenderism and other forms of political correctness. This has been the case for the past 15 years in New South Wales schools, and this has been done by marxist teachers who have planted themselves in the schools. This is part of a tactic known as "Storming the institutions", and atheism is taught in opposition to religious classes under the title "Ethics" which is the indoctrination of moral relativism.

So lets examine what we have...
Religion effectively being abolished
A sense of paranoia that needs 'mental health professionals'
Medical dishonesty and corruption
An entrenched and protected bureaucracy
Select protected businesses at the expense of others
Removal of established rights
Destruction of independent free enterprise
Government delegating responsibilities to select private/corporate enterprise
An education system which indoctrinates atheism to children

Essentially this is a cocktail of Marxism and Fascism which is served up by Fabianism. But has it been seen before? Yes it has but it didn't fully succeed, it like the coronavirus piggybacked on civil disturbance. It was known as the Bolshevik revolution and the original aim of that revolution was to take the entire world. It was firstly to take Europe and by default its colonies, trust territories, protectorates and so on. After that the abolition of religion but especially Christianity, as history shows Russia and its territories became the Soviet Union and religion was abolished. But it didn't just end at Russia, Hungary briefly became a soviet republic under Bela Kun as did the German kingdom state of Bavaria.

Some people will look at what I just mentioned and say it doesn't matter because it was 100 years ago, but lets look at other things that occurred between 1917 and 1932 such as mainstreaming of psychiatry and its associated pharmaceuticals. We should also thrown in the Wall Street crash which can be clearly explained in the book - The creature of jekyll island.



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The Author of the following is Peter Koenig who is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a water resources and environmental specialist. He worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the World Health Organization around the world in the fields of environment and water. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research; ICH; RT; Sputnik; PressTV; The 21st Century; Greanville Post; Defend Democracy Press, TeleSUR; The Saker Blog, the New Eastern Outlook (NEO); and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

The Farce and Diabolical Agenda of A “Universal Lockdown”


First comes the farce, an (almost) universal government lie around the globe about a deadly virus, WHO named COVID-19. The decision for a global lockdown – literally for the collapse of the world economy – was already taken at the WEF conference in Davos, 21 – 24 January 2020. On January 30, WHO declared COVID-19 a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). At that time, there were only 150 known COVID-19 cases outside of China. No reason whatsoever to declare a pandemic. On March 11, Dr. Tedros, DG of WHO converted the PHEIC into a pandemic. This gave the green light for the start if implementing “The Plan”.

The pandemic was needed as a pretext to halt and collapse the world economy and the underlying social fabric.

There is no coincidence. There were a number of preparatory events, all pointing into the direction of aworldwide monumental historic disaster. It started at least 10 years ago – probably considerably earlier – with the infamous 2010 Rockefeller Report, which painted the first phase of a monstrous Plan, called the “Lock Step” scenario. Among the last preparatory moves for the “pandemic” was Event 201, held in NYC on 18 October 2019.

The event was sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and the World Economic Forum (WEF), the club of the rich and powerful that meets every January in Davos, Switzerland. Participating were a number of pharmaceuticals (vaccine interest groups), as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s of the US and – of China.

One of the objectives of Event 201 was a computer simulation of a corona virus pandemic. The simulated virus was called SARS-2-nCoV, or later 2019-nCoV. The simulation results were disastrous, killing 65 million people in 18 months and plunging the stock market by more than 30% — causing untold unemployment and bankruptcies. Precisely the scenario of which we are now living the beginning.

The Lock Step scenario foresees a number of ghastly and disturbing events or components of The Plan to be implemented by the so called Agenda ID2020, a Bill Gates creation, fully integrated into the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) – target date for completion – 2030 (also called Agenda 2030, the hidden agenda unknown to most of the UN members), the same target date for completion of the Agenda ID02020.
Here, just the key elements as a precursor to what the world is living now, and what is to come, if we don’t stop it – to demonstrate how this entirely criminal sham has been planned. Parts of the scenario are:
  • A massive vaccination program, probably through compulsory vaccination – Bill Gates’ dream and brainchild is vaccinating 7 billion people.
  • Massive population reduction, a eugenics plan – in part through vaccination and other means (Ref. Bill Gates, “if we are doing a real good job vaccinating, we may reduce the world population by 10% to 15%”. See “Innovating to Zero!”, speech to the TED2010 annual conference, Long Beach, California, February 18, 2010).
Bill Gates has been advocating for years the need for a massive population reduction – and indeed the more than 20 years of the BMGF’s extensive vaccination programs in Africa, India and other places around the world have seen a record of involuntary sterilization of women between 14 and 49 years. See In 2014 and 2015 Kenya carried out a massive tetanus vaccination program, sponsored by WHO and UNICEF.
  • An electronic ID for every person on the planet – in the form of a nano chip, possibly injected along with the mandatory vaccination. This nano-chip could be remotely uploaded with all personal data.
  • Digitized money, no more cash.
  • Universal rolling out of 5G, later to be followed by 6G.
This is leading to a total control of every individuum on the planet. It is sold to the public as the Internet of Things (TIT), meaning self-driving cars, robotized kitchen equipment, artificial intelligence (AI) for the production and delivery of everything. What the sales pitch doesn’t say, is how humans would be marginalized and enslaved. To carry this masterplan forward, high frequency electromagnet waves are needed. Therefore, rolling out of 5G is a must, no matter what the health impact on humans, fauna and flora may be – and no matter how it may influence viral infections, like possibly the current COVID19.

WHO remains silent, although they do admit that no independent official study has been carried out on the dangers of 5G – and electromagnetic fields in general. Does that mean that WHO is coopted by the Big and Powerful into this deadly spiel? – Let it suffice to say that unlike other UN agencies, WHO was created in 1948 by the Rockefeller Foundation (RF) – see The Lancet. It might be also noteworthy that about half of WHOs budget comes from private interest sources, mostly the pharma industry, but also others, like telecom giants.

This is a precursor for understanding how things are being planned. It may help connecting the dots for what is coming.
It may also help us understand what is happening right now, in the first phase of the Lock Step scenario. It portrays in vivid colors the criminal nature of the Dark Deep State.

Never mind the stock market crash – that’s a speculator’s syndrome, rich people’s risks, as the stock market is a western invention to play with capital and capital gains to the detriment of the workers, whose lives depend on working that capital. They are the first ones to go, when Big Money calls for a merger – or a bankruptcy.

Now the almost universal and justified by NOTHING quarantine, total lockdown of every business, small or big – restaurants, construction, tourism, little and big hardware stores, bakeries, air lines, transport – interrupted supply chains – factories, food processing – and it goes on and on.

In the Global North some up to 90% of business transactions are emanating from small and medium size enterprises (SME). Almost all of them are closed now. Two thirds or more of them may never open again. Employees and workers are laid off, or are reduced to part-time work, meaning part-time pay – but still need to sustain their families. Poverty and desperation set in and becomes rampant. No future in sight. Suicide rates will rise – see Greece in the 2008 / 2009 crisis – and up to ten years later – broken families, foreclosures, families expulsed from rental apartments because they can no longer pay their rents. Street begging becomes normal, except there is nobody left to spare a dime.

In Europe at least a third to maybe 50% or more of the work force – depending on the country and structure of the labor force – is expected to be unemployed or will be reduced to part time work. And that’s only the beginning. In the US official unemployment figures are as of this writing in excess of 23 million – and are expected, by predictions of the FED, Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg -to reach between 32% and 40% in the next quarter. Bankruptcies may spin out of control.

The IMF predicts for 2020 a worldwide economic contraction of a mere 3% – and a small growth rate in the latter part of 2021. How utterly ridiculous! – What planet are these people on? Whom are they trying to fool, and why? Perhaps to encourage countries to borrow huge amounts of foreign exchange from these predatory Bretton Woods institutions, IMF and World Bank – to get deeply into debt, thinking with IMF predictions they will be fine? – Further enslavement by deceit?

This is the Global North – which has some kind of social safety nets, whatever flimsy they may be – there is a sliver of hope for relief. Another sliver of hope is built on the premises that mankind will be constantly creating – working ingeniously inventing -moving forward flowing like a river towards new horizons, creating new dynamics, new jobs… yes, that’s what mankind can do – and in our comfort we have forgotten this virtue – an essential virtue for survival – survival of the corona crisis.

The Global South – or developing countries – presents a grimmer story. Under normal circumstances a third to half of the economy is informal, meaning not tight to any norm of formal or legal organization. They are short-term workers, daily, hourly laborers – living from hand-to-mouth, no savings, no safety nets- and in most cases no health coverage. They are left to the whims of the “market”, literally. Now the market collapsed.

There is nothing left. No work, no income, no money to pay for food, rent, medication – and the government orders them, the deprived poverty-stricken, to stay ‘home’ – ‘lockdown’ in quarantine – to protect themselves from a virus, an imposed virus that nobody sees, but the government and the media make sure you are aware – and SCARED – of its dangers, you never know whether true or false.

Confinement at ”home”? – Where is home? Home is gone. No money to pay rent. Keep social distance – don’t get together. Stay apart. The infection could spread. Fear is of the essence.

Take a city like Lima, Peru. Peru’s total population about 30 million. Lima, about eleven million – of which some 3 to 4 million live on the margins or below – in shantytowns, or worse. Daily, or hourly laborers. They live sometimes hours away from their work place. Now, there is no workplace anymore. They have no money to pay for food, transport or rent – landlords put them in streets, expel them from their properties. How can they stay in confinement? How can they take care of themselves by quarantine – lockdown – having no shelter, no food – desperately looking to earn just enough money to survive another day – and perhaps to share with their families? They can’t.

Lockdown-protection (sic-sic) is only for the rich. The poor they starve with kids and families – and quite possibly with the corona disease. They live within the circles of poverty and misery, where there is nothing to spare. Nobody has anything. Not even in solidarity. There simply is nothing. Total deprivation, caused by a total economic standstill – forced upon the world and especially the poor by evil men – and perhaps also evil women.

These 3 to 4 or 5 million people, they all have come at one point or another from the rural provinces, for which the government does nothing, or not enough to keep them there. So, in search of a better life, they abandon their ‘çhacras’ (little plots of land) and move to the Big City – to paradise – where they are relegated to live in more misery than in their provincial meagre settlements. They endure – always with hope. Now this – the man-made corona crisis – has made life even worse, much worse for them. There are none or far from enough government handouts – or they come too late or get lost in corruption.

In solidarity they assemble. They need to get back to their provincial origins, to their çhacras, to their families – where they will get shelter and food, where they again may feel “home” and loved or at least welcome.

A dictatorial military style government prevents them from leaving – for security reasons, of course – they may infect other people, — the farse continues. And nobody says peep. Nobody dares, for fear of being locked away. Police brutality – sticks, tear gas – repression – back to no shelter – no food. Until the central almighty government decides to “organize” repatriation – by buses, but there is not enough capacity, nor organization – chaos emerges – and the lot gets worse – and how much worse can it get? Famine will strike, will make them weaker and weaker, more prone to diseases and to die – not fromCOVID19, but from famine. But as statistics go, MUST go, by orders of the Masters, such deaths will automatically be attributed to the corona pandemic. Naturally. It’s done elsewhere, in the Global North. Why not in the Global South?

Lima is just a case in point – Its representative probably for most of Latin America, except for Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba – where, in the midst of misery, there is still a sense of solidarity uniting the people – where the government stands with the people, yet, where people are more severely suffering, because of western sanctions – they are literally being murdered by western sanctions – foremost the US of A. A genocidal nation.

The New York Times (22 April 2020) reports, ‘Instead of Coronavirus, the Hunger Will Kill Us.’ A Global Food Crisis Looms. The world has never faced a hunger emergency like this, experts say. It could double the number of people facing acute hunger to 265 million by the end of this year.
Also, by the NYT –

“In Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya, residents already live in extreme poverty. Desperate to eat set off a stampede during a recent giveaway of flour and cooking oil, leaving scores injured and two people dead.”
“In India, thousands of workers are lining up twice a day for bread and fried vegetables to keep hunger at bay.”
“And across Colombia, poor households are hanging red clothing and flags from their windows and balconies as a sign that they are hungry.”

This reminds of the infamous Kissinger quote of the 1970s on famine,
“Who controls the food supply controls the people – the quote goes on saying,
“Who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

Kissinger, like the Gates, the Rockefellers are “well meaning”: They have never made a secret of their desire to reduce the world population in a format that reminds one of eugenics, by “eradicating poverty”, for example through vaccination – starting in Africa.
Gates has recently suggested that he would try out his new corona vaccine in Africa – to which even his buddy, Dr. Tedros, the WHO Director General, protested.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought poverty and famine to millions of people around the world. And there is no end in sight.

To the contrary, it would seem that almost all governments are coopted or tacitly coerced into adhering to the “guidelines”.

It is both diabolical as well as beyond comprehension. Why? The “global elites” really believe that they are contributing to the future and well-being of humanity. Yet their actions have resulted in abject misery, unemployment and despair.

Without such coercive measures it could hardly be explained why almost all governments of the planet submit to this horrendous social and economic agenda – and lie, lie, abject lie – to their people. The very people they are supposed to protect against unemployment, famine and despair.

Under “normal” circumstances of our globe’s predatory inequality, some 9 million people die annually from hunger and famine-related diseases. This figure may now shoot up exponentially. Maybe into the tens of millions, or more.

Famine and death by famine could be further affected by artificially caused food shortages, or by droughts or floods – resulting from purposefully man-made climate change – not through the ludicrously touted CO2-caused temperature rise – but by the advanced US Air Force HAARP system (HAARP = High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).
“During the Vietnam war, cloud-seeding techniques were used,
starting in 1967 under Project Popeye, the objective of which was to prolong the monsoon season and block enemy supply routes along the Ho Chi Minh Trail”. Today the HAARP system has been perfected and weaponized. According to US Air Force document AF 2025 Final Report, weather modification (for military use):

“offers the war fighter a wide range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary

‘Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally… It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog and storms on earth or to modify space weather… and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of [military] technologies.”

Under the proposed Gates Foundation forced vaccination program – those who refuse vaccination, may, for example, not be able to travel.

The abject misery that is purposefully imposed upon mankind becomes ever more visible. Aside from wiping out people’s and business’ assets, it’s poverty and famine…

There is today no Nuremberg-type Tribunal, honest, ethical and powerful enough to hold the global elites accountable and bring them to justice.
We the people have to take the reign in this ongoing paradigm shift.

We the people, have to get out of this atrocious lockdown.

Not confrontational, but with wisdom and savvy. Letting the enemy’s ferocious forces strengthen our weakness – and make us overcome.

A good General doesn’t like aggression
A good warrior doesn’t know hate
If you want to conquer your enemy, don’t confront him.
Put yourself below him
This is called the power of not-fighting
This is using the ability of men
This is called since ancient times, to be in harmony with heaven,
And it is the greatest power there is (Tao 68)