Prayer for Priests


This administration has endeavoured to delete from Cor Mariae any condemnations of B. Williamson and the loose federation of priests on the grounds of doctrine. The fact is that there is no doctrine condemning the New Mass. Please God in time there will be a one that condemns not only the New Mass but the entire anti-catholic Vat. II council itself. It is to be regretted that a few independent priests - who recognise no Superior - continue, as this Administration has done in the past, to propagate this fallacy. Until the New Mass and its liturgy is officially condemned by the Church any speculation, such as whether miracles occur there; or whether it can help one's faith are private opinions only whether they come from a Bishop, priest or layman.

It is our fervent prayer that individual priests in the resistance movement unite with their fellow-priests in the loose federation. St. Therese pray for us.

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