Prayer for Heretics and Infidels


St. Francis Xavier
Prayer for Heretics and the Conversion of Infidels

O eternal God, the Creator of all things, remember the infidel peoples whom Thou hast created in Thine own image and likeness. Lord, behold how, to Thy dishonor, hell is being filled with these souls. Bear in mind that Thy Son Jesus suffered a most cruel death for their salvation. Lord, do not permit that Thy Son be further despised by these infidels, but be appeased by the prayers of Thy saints and the Church, the Spouse of Thy most holy Son. Remember Thy mercy, and blot out their idolatries and infidelities. May these peoples be ignorant no longer of Him Who is our salvation, life, and resurrection, through whom we have been saved and liberated. To Him let there be glory throughout all ages. Amen

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