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Dear Admin,

Attached is a screen-shot of a post that is 'Not open to further replies' and the link ( attachment 1623.

To follow up to the question raised by nanna:

When it comes to a few Priests, it seems that certain select individuals are given a free reign on cor-mariae to continually broadcast a litany of complaints that are kept open for further replies. However when a simple question is asked about Fr. Raphael, the matter becomes prudential in nature and 'Not open to further replies'?

If the faithful can be warned about Priests (e.g. Fr Pfeiffer and Fr Hewko) who have previously fallen out of favour with cor-mariae, why not other Priests who have recently fallen out of favour, like Fr Raphael?

In Catholic Charity and in fairness before God, the cor-mariae administration should provide an explanation and answer nanna's question.


Frs. Pfeiffer and Hewko have not 'fallen out of favour with Cor Mariae'. This phrase is a prime example of the distorted interpretations of what is actually posted on this forum. It is our fervent hope that the Fathers of OLMC will take on board the serious matters raised regarding the Faith and which affect the whole Church.

The situation is entirely different regarding Fr. Raphael. Speak to him yourself.

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