"Paul VI" Gay creator of the non-catholic freemasonic nwo VII Religion.


"Paul VI" Gay creator of the non-catholic
freemasonic nwo VII Religion.

Here are just a few of the outstanding revelations in the book. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP. HARD TO BELIEVE BUT IT IS FACTUAL AND TRUE HISTORY.
  • In Sept. 2002, Cardinal Oddi with eye witnesses, Padre Giuseppe Pio and Padre Alessio Parente, opened the tomb of Pio and found only Pio's robe, cincture and Francisan sandals.
  • Oddi died shortly after in 2001. Giuseppe Pio and Padre Alessio Parente and Cardinal Oddi's driver to the tomb, Franco Sasso suddenly died in 2000.
  • Pio told John McCaffery years before, regarding veneration at his tomb, "John, let them come! I will not be here!"
  • Monitini (Paul VI) was a very close friend of Mariano Rampollo del Tindaro, great nephew of freemason Cardinal Mariano Rampolla who tried to overthrow the papacy but lost to Pius X.
  • In 1933 Montini was caught in public "performing obscene acts against morality" with another man in a public urinal. Pius XI and XII had to know this.
  • Montini shared friendships with a number of long-time homosexual elitists in the British intelligence community including Peter Montgomery, Visconte Evan Tredegar. These guys were known to enjoy titillating sexual and occult feats, including "direct experiences in Black Masses using human blood, urine and semen."
  • During WWI Montini collaborated and supported the OSS and MI6.
  • The Montini family had a history of helping Communist terrorists, e.g. Speziale, kill people with bombs.
  • Pio's arch enemy Capuchin friar, Msgr. Girolamo Bortignon, also collaborated with Speziale.
  • Cardinal Loris Capovilla collaborated with communist resistance and after the war with communist led trade unions and the Communist Party and is directly responsible for murdering hundreds, possibly thousands of northern Italians.
  • MONTINI WAS THE HEAD OF THE ILLUMINATI or NEW REFORMED PALLADIAN RITE, founded by Giuseppe Mazzini! As such he was also head of the Order of Assassins. The Illuminati only earthly head is the leader of the Rothshild Family. All are formed by Lucifer in anticipation of the appearance and enthronement of the Antichrist.
  • In 1955 after Montini's removal by Pius XII, he began communicating and collaborating with the pedophile Free Mason Roncalli (already ill with cancer). Montini told Roncalli he would be the next pope as a stepping stone to promote Montini to cardinal. Then he would die and Montini would be the next pope.
  • French President and Free Mason, Vincent Auriol told Roncalli, "Your little vice is not a problem for us,... if you enter the Grand Orient, you will become a Cardinal and I will put a red cap on your head [which Auriol did]. And if one day you become Pope, then you will hold a Council..."
  • Pius XII's personal physician, Ricardo Galeazzi Lisi, participated in Black Masses and bacchanal orgies. There is much speculation and circumstantial evidence that Lisi and the personal nun/ assistant to Pius XII murdered the pope.
  • Montini collaborated with Jesus Angleton [OSS/CIA] in an attempt to kill Mussolini during WWII.
  • Nuclear test in July 1945 in a place named "Trinity" to blaspheme the Holy Trinity and replace it with the Satanic Masonic Triple Trinity.
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki purposely chosen to kill the only two Catholic populations in Japan.
  • Alice Bailey, in 1957 made known that "the world powers have tried to secretly terrorize the Church with their nuclear weapons."
  • A lot of details explaining the actions taken by the Free Masons to remove Cardinal Siri, Pope Gregory XVII from his office forceably, in the two conclaves of 1958 and 1963. Backs up Fr. Malachi Martin's comments.
  • The purpose of Vatican II and the Novus Ordo Mass was to "eliminate the Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross to replace it with the Gnostic Redemption of the Blasphemous and Satanic Masonic Triple Trinity."
  • Putting Roncalli, then Montini in the papal office achieves,"Tolle Papam; Tolle Missam" that is take away the Pope and the Holy Mass will be suppressed.
  • The two Black Masses connected by phone occurring simultaneously in Rome and South Carolina [led by the Free Mason, homosexual, satanist Bernadine] to enthrone Satan in the Vatican did occur as Fr. Malachi Martin asserted on June 29, 1963.
  • The prophecy of La Salette is realized, "Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist...Indeed, Satan will succeed in penetrating the top of the Church."
  • The Prussian International Delegate at Rome's Black Mass read the following law/declaration: "Whoever, through this interior chapel, would be designated and chosen as the final successor of the Papal Office, will have to swear, and all those whom he commands, to be the willing instrument and collaborator of the Founders of the 'House of Man on Earth'". Montini/ Paul VI succeeded in this endeavor. Remember his speech at the UN where he extolled the "Cult of Man".
  • It is no accident that Free Masons, homosexual and pedophiles entered and corrupted the Catholic Church over the last 2 plus century . Nubius, second in command of the Illuminati's Adam Weishaupt said, "The best dagger to assassinate the Church and strike it in the heart is corruption. So, let us work until it is completed!"
  • Montini directed all Free Mason Lodge P2 activities through Giulio Andreotti the head of the Lodge. In turn, Andreotti directed all underworld activities with Coss Nostra and the Ndrangheta, including the distribution of drugs from the middle east to Sicily and then throughout the world. The billions in cash received where funneled back to the IOR [Vatican Bank] at the Vatican managed by the Free Mason Bishop Marcinkus under the direction of Cardinals Villot, Benelli, Gianvio and Msgr Macchi. You know the rest of the story regarding Calvi and Sindona.
  • Montini led "the 15 People of the Five Triumviates of the five Entities that formed the Supreme Commission" of the two parties of the Illuminati: The Philosophical Party, symbolized by the "sickle" which eliminates the spiritual power of the Catholic Church and The War Party, symbolized by the "hammer" deals with illicit trafficking, drugs, weapons, money laundering, kidnapping, executions, assassinations, seditions, revolts, revolutions and wars.
  • MONTINI/ PAUL VI CANNOT BEAR THOSE WHO DON'T THINK LIKE HIM. PAUL VI DOES NOT KILL YOU. HE GETS YOU KILLED! This reminds me of Bill and Hillary Clinton and what happens to their "friends". Wanna be a friend?
  • As an example of the above, Montini and the head of the Capuchin Friars, Father Clemete directed the poisoning of Padre Pio in the 60s. Incredibly, Pio, knowing he was being poisoned took the drinks anyway, submitting to God's will in the matter. A private doctor and friend secretly took urine samples testing them and discovered that Pio had enough poison in him to kill a herd of horses.
  • Pio's body was shipped to the US by a military aircraft from the airport of Foggia. A wooden mannequin sculpted by Val Gardena replaced his body in the tomb. Apparently, the whole affair was managed by Skull and Bonesman, Robert A. Lovett, former US Secretary of Defense and Undersecretary of State. Why and where? Who knows at this point.
Ironically, San Giovanni Rotundo was going broke and needed a body, even a mannequin appearing as a body of Pio to display to get tourists to come and venerate and give money to the friary. They were losing billions of lira at the time and needed Pio's corpse to help raise cash. Isn't that pathetic.

Unfortunately, the Catholic prophecies are being fulfilled.

The institutional Roman Catholic Church apparently has lost the Faith. It is led by satanic Free Masons. According to Catholic prophecies, what God has planned next will be earth shattering. God help us.