Notice to those who procrastinate on the hellish soup


Fr. Salenave is a former SSPX priest, working or assisting
with the SAJM in France.

Notice to those who procrastinate on the hellish soup

Each period of the Church has known its struggle. Catholics must, to remain faithful, standin the breach so as not to fall into the traps of the enemy. For the moment, the fight is at the level of vaccination because everyone is or will soon be concerned (professionals, schools, families, etc.) ... But we now know that it is not a question of a therapy (medical care) since this vaccine is not intended to protect against any disease or virus (completely benign), but because it is a special injection with a specific purpose.

The morality of the act does not depend only on the injected product (developed from cell lines of aborted and dissected live human fetuses); it depends above all on the end, displayed by those responsible for a long time, and for which this injection has been imposed on the people: to eliminate a large part of the world population and to control individuals in detail electronically. To accept to receive this chemical soup is to accept as fine this direct power of the Beast over our bodies and our souls. If the clergy is divided on this matter, it is first of all because the Pope has given his agreement to this serious act. On the other hand, the vast majority of the clergy are ignorant of globalist issues and limit themselves to thinking that it is only a medical problem or big bucks for the laboratories.

The clergy (including FSSPX) have virtually no notion of the anti-globalization struggle thatCatholics should normally wage. Even Bishop Tissier declared in recent days about the world salary after the "great reset" that the "minimum wage had always existed". This is the spiritual and moral state of a large part of the clergy who have abandoned the faithful as the most powerful demonic work in human history rises before them. Even the Fr de Jorna, superior of the district of France wrote to his priests (BO 273 b, April 2021), taking up and developing a famous title of the philosopher Marcel De Corte: “It is feared that a new debate will inflame tradition. Intelligence is in peril of death, but there seems to be no vaccine. Here is the main danger. The Covid may eat away at the lungs, but its vaccine gangrene the brains. We argue, we decide, we even tear each other apart. (...) " However, it is neither the covid nor the vaccine, but the submission of souls to the devil. Father de Jorna seems to ignore it and he finally invites his priests not to enter into this controversy, contenting himself with doing intellectualism in the bedroom.

On the other hand, there is still a clergy, very few in number who decided not to compromise on this fight: Father Lang in Germany, as well as Father Frey, both of the SSPX, recalled the good principles and, unlike their superiors, had the courage to tell the (admittedly harsh) truth to the faithful so that they would make the right choice no matter what.

In this octave of Pentecost, may the Holy Spirit communicate His strength to us and keep us faithful!

by Fr Salenave

(apologies for the Google translation.