None more deserving


Dear ...........


Tomorrow will be a critical day.

The New South Wales District Court will hear argument as to whether Gary Burns’ defamation action against me is an abuse of process.

I believe I have a very strong case. I am just not sure that the system works anymore.

If I win, I hope it will be the victory that leads to the end of the systemic attack on me and my family. But even if I do, I can’t be sure. I’ve won unanimously in the High Court of Australia yet the assault on us continues stronger than ever.

If I lose, it will be a doorway to disaster. Burns has stated that he is intent on litigating me into the ground.

To harass me. To humiliate me. To bankrupt me. To destroy me.

He has stated that he wants to take my assets. He has stated that he does not care if he forces my wife and children into the gutter.

He can no longer do the former. But he can still do the latter.

A loss will give him and other activists a green light to ramp up their attacks.

In the last six years I have been subjected to more than 80 taxpayer-funded investigations, inquiries and court cases about my views on marriage, family and morality.

That really is quite incredible.

It has also taken a toll.

The apparatus of state is being mercilessly geared up to silence and destroy those prepared to express any support for a concept of natural law and natural family.

I am just an early target. If I am destroyed there will no doubt be others thrust down this torturous path. When they start working on ‘high profile’ targets – those who have refused to get involved in these matters – any case law generated against me will be used to tear them down.

But we are not there yet. And we may never reach that point if we continue to battle and win.

The reality, at the moment, is that I have won every battle bar one. And not a single specific complaint against me has been substantiated.

The Full Court of the Federal Court did rule against me in 2017, overturning an earlier judgement by the Federal Court in my favour.

It found that I had ‘disobeyed’ orders – a military offence – by expressing views about the morality of homosexuality as a private citizen. It found this despite no specific charges being laid against me. No witnesses were called. No evidence was presented to support the case. I was not given a chance to defend myself because I had no concrete allegations to respond to.

The court itself found that I received no order that I could be compelled by the Army to obey.

And this ruling was made despite the fact that the Full Court of the Federal Court has no power whatsoever to determine military disciplinary offences.

Even the former Chief of Defence Force admitted that I had not disobeyed orders. And the system established by law to determine such allegations under the Defence Force Discipline Act cleared me.

Yet the Full Court of the Federal Court’s ruling was still made.

It’s akin to being declared guilty of murder even though there is no missing person, motive, murder scene or weapon and despite the fact that the proper criminal court threw the case out as baseless before it even commenced.

In all the other matters I have successfully defended myself.

However, I have almost been finished off in the process. Because that process is the punishment.

I estimate that more than $5 million of taxpayers’ money – your money – has been used in the attempt to destroy me. I have seen some of the bills floating around. It is certain that millions have been spent.

Twelve months ago more than 40 of the most senior barristers and lawyers in Australia – sent by every state apart from South Australia – gathered in the High Court to argue against me. The cost for those two days alone would be close to $500,000.

Yet they had been working on that case for approximately six months before the hearing. Some had beavered away on it for a year and a half.

I am tired. I am frustrated. Truth be told, I am also scared of what may come and what it will mean for my family.

When the first investigations against me began in early 2013 my wife and I owned two houses.

When I get my next legal bill we will have nothing left at all.

I have had no time to write for my webpage since June. My life is entirely tied up with affidavits and submissions and directions hearings. It is debilitating.

I also feel abandoned by the major conservative institutions – especially by the hierarchy of my beloved Catholic Church. With a small number of exceptions, none of those who lead these organisations have shown any interest in this fight.

I think their reputations with the enemies of sanity in this world are too important to them. I hope I am wrong and that the fault lies with me. Maybe I’m imprudently blunt. Maybe I just can’t ‘sell the story’.

Two things have sustained me.

Firstly, your generosity and support which I will forever be grateful for. So many of you have sacrificed to assist me, my wife and our children.

It is not the big conservative institutions that have obtained the victories in this matter. It is individual Australians willing to step up and help.

The direct legal costs incurred since mid-2014 are now more than $360,000.

I could not have met these costs without your assistance. Nor could I have managed to run my webpage and feed my family over that time without your generosity.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The second is God. He has known about this battle throughout eternity. He has known every frustration I would face and sent me the means necessary to face them. So often I have done so imperfectly.

Please pray for me that I maintain my faith and hope in God. He will have His victory. I must simply have the courage to play the role He has for me in it.

As always, I encourage you to pray the prayer for the conversion of Australia:

O God, who has appointed Mary, Help of Christians; St Francis Xavier, and St Teresa of the Infant Jesus Patrons of Australia; grant that, through their intercession, our brethren outside the Church may receive the light of faith, so that Australia may become one in faith under one shepherd, through Christ our Lord. Amen.
  • Our Lady, Help of Christians, pray for us.
  • St Francis Xavier, pray for us.
  • St Teresa of the Infant Jesus, pray for us.
I am not sure if any decision will be made tomorrow but I will let you know the results when they are handed down.

I will return to Sydney next Tuesday as well.

A directions hearing will be held in my matter against the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board, the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the New South Wales Local Court and Gary Burns. I am seeking orders, in line with the ruling of the High Court of Australia earlier this year, prohibiting them from continuing to process anti-discrimination complaints against me.

Kind regards,

Bernard Gaynor
Christus Rex!