Mass itinerary 14th - 18th April


Fr.Pio will be here in Melbourne from today 14th April, Wednesday to April 18th Sunday. He will be saying Sunday masses in the Officer hall and other masses privately. Interested people could contact Father directly to know the location. If anyone needs a priestly visit to their homes please contact Father on his number 0478236162.

Father's movements at this stage are:

Wednesday: Fr. Pio visits Fr Mina George
Thursday and Friday: Schedule not finalised.
Saturday: Holy mass in the evening at private address? - please let me know if anyone is able to have Mass at their place.
Sunday: 10am. Holy mass in the morning at Officer Hall

Contact: Co-ordinator

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Friday & Saturday Mass 9am. preceded by Confessions

Fr. Pio is saying Mass at 9 am. both days. Conference from 10am. to 12md. preceded by Confessions on Friday.

All are welcome.
Fr Pio

For Location : Contact: Co-ordinator
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