Keeping the Faith


(This was first posted by "IN VERITATE VICTORIA" on CathInfo. This sermon was transcribed because the person who recorded it claims sound quality was too poor for it to be uploaded. I've (ServusSpiritusSancti/Member) made a few changes to the format of the transcript to make it easier to read.)

Bishop Williamson Sermon – Sunday 22nd December 2013

Let’s be clear that the resistance is not organised. It is actually a spontaneous uprising all over the world. Just like after Vatican II, the movement of tradition was called tradition and they’re called traditionalists, arose spontaneously all over the world. Archbishop Lefevre did not create tradition, he simply responded to the needs of Catholics recognising that there was a serious problem in the mainstream church, and who needed to have access to sacraments and to sermons free of the modern contamination which was infecting almost the whole church. It was an uprising, given the name of tradition, but basically in defence of the faith.

Parallel to that, what is getting the name of the resistance today is simply an uprising of Catholics all over the world. I am in a position to say that because I travel – to provide the sacrament of confirmation for instance –and it’s simply Catholics wanting to be free of the same contamination that has invaded the universal church and is now infecting the movement of tradition.

We are not against the Society of St Pius X nor against the universal church – that is ridiculous. It is simply that we want to keep the faith, defend the faith and if we could in a very difficult world, promote the faith, but that is easier said than done. Telling the truth today to most souls is like talking Greek to them, they just don’t understand, they haven’t got the means of understanding. It’s an incredible situation but God has foreseen it, God has allowed it. It’s going to be worse at the end of the world, many of you have heard me say many times that I think we are in the dress rehearsal for the end of the world, then there is going to be the chastisement, then there is going to be the period of peace which Our Lady spoke of – which will be an extraordinary triumph of the Catholic Church. I don’t think it’s far off, but that is in God’s hands, I don’t know. Then the corruption of that great triumph will be the arrival of the Anti- Christ. In any case, it all fits into a great plan of God that he has left in the hands of churchmen with free will. God is not going to take away our free will. Very exceptionally will he make us act in such a way that we hardly choose.


There’s a collect in the Missal, I think it’s the fourth Sunday after Pentecost which is a prayer to force our rebellious wills. So, God can do it, He doesn’t normally do it, because he has given us free will. He doesn’t want robots in His heaven and we’re going to choose whether we want to spend eternity with him or without him and he leaves us the choice, He is not going to force our choice.

If he leaves his church in the hands of churchmen, who have got free will and who can therefore merit and demerit in the way in which they use their considerable responsibilities. If he leaves his church in the hands of men who have free will, it’s always possible that they will turn against him. The devil is always there especially to work over churchmen and priests. Pray for your priests because if they are worked over by the devil you will lose them. Your prayers will protect your priests and you will have the priests that you deserve.

In the wake of Vatican II there was enough faith still amongst the people for God to give them the great Archbishop but today there is enough tepidity or ‘luke-warmness’ or what you will in amongst the faithful of the society for God to have been taken away and in the process of taking away and number of good priests are sliding with this movement inside the society and the leadership of the society is gone. It’s terrible.

The latest bad news is that the leadership of the society is banning the book of Father Pieuvre, a French priest of the Society. A book consisting largely of quotations of Archbishop Lefevre, and the leadership is now pretending that this is not the complete thought of the Archbishop and that Father Pieuvre is presenting just one side of it but the book is very substantially what the Archbishop himself said. So, it is clear that the leadership of the society is striking out in a different direction from the Archbishop. Many Catholic souls recognize it, they don’t like it, they’re afraid of it. They’re afraid of being exposed themselves to this false direction because the Archbishop was the leader given to us by God to show the Catholic way amidst this terrible crisis caused by the failure of the churchmen. At the time of the Arian crisis God gave his church Saint Athanasius and god will never abandon his church, there will always be the signposts, given to Catholics who want to save their souls, how to do so. The Archbishop was clearly one of them and it’s clear now that the leadership of the society which he founded is going in a different direction. Many souls inside the society recognize that and they’re afraid of it and that’s how the so-called resistance movement has arisen and the uprising will continue all over the world until and unless the society leadership is to come back on track, which it doesn’t look like they will.

Similarly the traditionalists in the year 2000, 6,000 of them flocked down to Rome during the Pilgrimage to Rome for the Jubilee year, and all that they asked was to be able to re-join Rome. They were not schismatic in mentality; they were not against the universal church; but they accompanied and followed the Society of St Piux X because this was the right way for the universal church to go and the universal church was going the wrong way. Same today, no animosity towards the Society or even towards its leaders but a great sorrow and resolution to not follow their direction for as long as one recognizes that their direction is wrong, which it is. The bad news is that Father Pieuvre’s book has been banned, the good news is that Father Pieuvre is himself thinking of buying a house because he recognizes that he is danger of being thrown out of the property that he is in now. He is also going to write a book; he is something of a jurist; he knows the law; I think his father was a lawyer. He is going to write a book about the two ‘trials’ or ‘the Kangaroo trials’ through which Father Salinao and Father Pinaud were submitted by the authorities of the Society. Simply because these two good priests, (whom I have met - I know them) were subjected because they resisted this new false direction of the society, which became clear only last year. Souls with x-ray eyes recognized the problem before last year but it only came out into the open clearly last year 2012 and then we began reading backwards and we could see how actually these leaders of the society had been going wrong. This group which has control of the society, liberals, have been going wrong over many years. At least since the 1990s and even before that.

Some good news, Father Pieuvre is stirring and Father Pinaud has had enough and that’s good news, he is a very good man. He was imprisoned, there is no other word, because of his resistance, his taking part in the resistance to an absolutely minor part but it’s clear that he was standing up to Menzingen to remind everyone of the soviet methods that they are using.

One recalls the Archbishop saying back in 1975 when he was put in front of a ‘Kangaroo Court’ of three cardinals down in Rome. He said afterwards, “…the soviets would have treated me better".


A terrible thing to say but it’s true. The latin proverb is, “the corruption of the best is the worst”. When Catholic churchmen go corrupt it’s terrible…terrible…worse than the Jews. The Jews are classic enemies of the church, not all of them individually of course and not all of them to the same degree but they are instinctive liberals as a general rule and instinctively they want to replace Catholic civilization with Jewish civilisation which is what is happening all around us. They are the ring leaders of the Anti-Christian movement but they’re not the worst. The worst are those churchmen inside the Catholics, especially the Catholic churchmen, who have been given great grace by God in order to be Catholics and in order to be in addition churchmen. When they go wrong it’s much worse.

One thinks of the Passion of Our Lord, the high priests Annas and Caiaphas certainly wanted to do away with Our Lord, they were his bitter and horrible enemies, but they couldn’t have done anything unless Judas Iscariot had told them how and where they could catch Our Lord free of the crowds. If the high priests had tried to lay hands on Our Lord, say on Holy Thursday or Holy Wednesday or any day of Holy week, they could never have done it because the crowds were around Our Lord and many in the crowds were in favour of Our Lord. They had to catch Our Lord when he was unguarded and that was in the Garden of Gethsemane and then hold him in prison overnight and then ‘work’ the crowd the following day. Like the media ‘work’ the crowd today they had to ‘work’ the crowd to turn against Our Lord and all cry out “Crucify him Crucify him!”. It was Judas Iscariot therefore who was worse than Annas and Caiaphas, without him they might not have been able to get hold of Our Lord.

Therefore the Catholic churchmen, we Catholics that are unfaithful or luke warm or tepid, we should consider ourselves worse enemies of Our Lord than the Jews. On the other hand it is very necessary to do not delude ourselves that the Jews are our friends. Or that the Jews love Our Lord, or that the Jews are friends of humanity or friends of God. They are not. They are poor things under a curse. “His blood be upon us, and upon our children”. They are under a curse and they almost can’t help themselves in their opposition to Christ, Catholicism the Catholic church and Christian civilisation. They are now doing their best to take Christ out of Christmas. They will be the ring leaders of that movement, but if the Catholics had any guts and had any faith, there would be no question of the Jews succeeding in taking Christ out of Christmas.


If the Catholics were what they should be the protestants would be better because the Catholics would lift the protestants. For the protestants to, so to speak, it’s a crude expression, but for them to ‘stay in business’ they would have to improve their act. When the Catholic church collapses the protestant church also collapses. If therefore the Catholics were what they should be, the Jews would be powerless to take Christ out of Christmas. The Catholics would be reacting to insults to Our Lord like the Mohammedans react to insults to Mohammed. The Mohammedans set us an example of taking their religion seriously. But the Catholics are just water… dishwater… that’s how it is and that’s where the real blame lies.

My dear friends I am not accusing you of being dishwater, you wouldn’t be here if you were dishwater, you certainly wouldn’t be here. I’m not saying you’re Saints, you’re not that either, nor am I saying I’m a Saint. We are all of us poor sinners, but the difference between Catholic poor sinners and non-Catholic poor sinners is that Catholics usually try not to sin so much, try not to be sinners. Whereas the others…. Those who have no motivation; those who don’t have the faith; those who don’t believe in heaven and hell and don’t take them seriously. They have no motivation to try to control themselves and to exercise and practice virtue. It’s not unfitting to recall at this time of year the malice of the curse of the poor Jews because you may remember that John the Baptist when out in the desert preached about the generation of vipers, he said “What are you coming out here to see me for? Generation of Vipers!”. John the Baptist was under no illusions and nor should we be. Our Lord has bitter enemies, bitter bitter enemies. The world is not like The Sound of Music, not everybody’s nice and sweet and wonderful and well intentioned and handsome and good looking and generous and all the rest of it…accept the Nazis of course. I mean, even Hollywood has to have some enemy and the enemies are the Nazis and Hitler is the devil incarnate. That is the Jewish Hollywood vision, but it is false, it’s a false vision. Our Lord has bitter enemies and not only Hitler nor even the Nazis. The Nazis and Hitler may well have been enemies of Our Lord, they certainly weren’t Catholic, but Stalling was the cause of many many millions more deaths than Hitler. Our media don’t tell us that because the media is in the hands of the same people who are behind communism – the Jews - by the font of the Catholics. Therefore the media cover over the sins of communism and blast all over the walls paint and splatter everywhere, the sins of the Nazis because the Nazis were standing up to communism.


The Nazis may have been criminals in various ways but I don’t know if you know….again I’m getting into what looks like politics but behind all politics is religion and the malice of communism created by the Jews as a false religion. Pope Pious XI said, “…communism is the Messianism of materialism”, which is brilliantly said. It’s Messianic materialism. The Messiah was Jewish. The Jews were prepared for the Messiah. They were trained for the Messiah. They have so to speak the Messiah in their bloodstream but they reject Him. Therefore they create, they have the inside knowledge of God to create false Messianisms one after another. Brutal communism was won but basically communism was atheistic materialism. What we now have all around us is globalism which is atheistic materialism. It’s the same thing only the soft version. The brutal version ran up against a brick wall, it raised too much of a reaction. So a certain Italian Jew Antonio Gramsci invented or conceived soft communism which would get around the resistance that there was to hard communism, and soft communism under the name of globalism is now taking over the world because the Catholics are not Catholic. That’s basically why. Catholics are losing the faith. Both from the mainstream church and now one may fear to some extent inside the society of St Pious X.

The leadership has lost it’s grip on…both Bishop Fellay and Father Pfluger talk of our ‘New friends in Rome’. Meaning that the churchmen controlling the universal church, and setting this false direction of the universal church are now friends of the leaders of the society. That tells you that the leaders of the society have changed. To consider today’s Roman churchmen as friends? They are not friends of Our Lord – judged by the fruits. Of course the words are all friendly to Our Lord but the actions? No. Therefore as John the Baptist, the precursor of Our Lord stopped the jews in their tracks and the Pharisees and those who came… in order to remind them to watch out…Christmas is a question of sin and virtue and the saving of souls. Watch out, you are completely on the wrong track if you think that you’re religious. You Pharisees think that you’re religious; you think that you’re the chosen ones; you think you are the leaders of the people of God and here you are a bunch of Vipers. John the Baptist said so. John the Baptist was well aware that not everything is sweet and nice and sure enough Our Lord is born and what happens? Herod sends soldiers down to murder every child in Bethlehem in the hopes of also murdering Our Lord.


Our Lord has bitter enemies, don’t be deluded. Don’t think like Hollywood. Don’t follow Hollywood. The Bells of Saint Marys…what’s it? The Sound of Music, Going my Way and all of these silly silly films which are very false.

I mentioned some good news, Father Pinaud is a good man and he was imprisoned in Austria for eight months and at the end of those eight months he was promised a trial. The trial was set up by two district superiors and a Professor of Econe and at the end he was condemned to not say Mass. He was condemned heavily for slight participation in the resistance of the best briefs of the society to the false correction being taken by Menzingen. Menzingen is a little Swiss village near which is the headquarters of the Society. Menzingen reacted violently. He couldn’t even say Mass, he couldn’t hear confessions he was absolutely crippled and paralyzed as a priest. Unbelievable! Absolutely unbelievable! After the condemnation he was nobly offered the opportunity to appeal and at first he accepted the opportunity to appeal but finally he said, “That’s it, that’s it”, and he’s walking out. He’s quite right, he’s quite bright. He will be able to do much more. What he purchased with his eight or so months in Austria was a demonstration of the absolute injustice, the worse than communist injustice. They made things up as they went along. Unbelievable! The leadership is locked into a dream and it’s a dream of reconciling irreconcilableness.

It’s a dream like Paul VI dreamt of reconciling church and world and the result was Vatican II. So Menzingen now dreams of reconciling tradition and the conciliar church. It can’t be done. The conciliar church is intrinsically against Our Lord and against God, against man. Catholic tradition, the true tradition is obviously from God, for God, for man but in this dream they lock out, they just shut out anything that contradicts this false vision. This false reconciling irreconcilableness, it’s as though you should try to reconcile Christ and Satan, it’s ridiculous! Satan is locked into his hatred of God, his absolute profound hatred and defiance of God. Our Lord Jesus Christ is God and in God says St James, there is no shadow or trace of change. God cannot change. Satan can’t change. Christ can’t change. To reconcile the two is ridiculous. The idea of reconciling is ridiculous but that’s the idea that now governs the universal church or actually Satan’s taken over the leadership of the universal church. He is now taking over if he has not already taken over the leadership of the Society and that’s why we’re here today.


Please pray for Father Pinaud and for Father Pieuvre, they’re good men and when France stirs it’s going to make a lot of difference. Up till now France has generally not been stirring and a lot of French priests are good but they’ve not seen strongly or clearly enough yet, many of them, to take much action. It’s now stirring – let’s hope. France of course is a great home of Catholicism and also a great home of liberalism. France is usually out in front for good or for ill. It hasn’t yet been out in front for the resistance but if it gets moving… I think Bishop Fellay realizes already that he has a problem in France because there is a lot of silent resistance to what’s going on inside the society and all that’s needed is for that resistance to come into the open and then Bishop Fellay has a serious problem on his hands. So that is also good news.

Therefore, take courage dear friends. What I can say in another piece of good news. Nothing I can say from travels, I was just recently in the Philippines and immediately after December I shall be in India. I was due to be in Philippines, Australia and India but I couldn’t get a visa for Australia…I wonder why? I don’t wonder too much but we’ll see. Maybe Australia, I’ve applied and maybe Australia will give me a visa after all but in any case in Australia there’s quite a strong movement in Resistance. Father Chazal is doing trojan work. He has a bulletin written in his own hand with a page of minute telephone numbers and names of contacts all over Asia. Pray for him also as he is much on his own and the devil must be after him. The devil is after all of us so pray for your priests that’s very important, that God give them protection and if you deserve good priests you will have them. Unless of course we all get taken off to Siberia or Alaska which is another possibility…. It’s certainly not happened yet, still there is freedom to assemble, to attend the true mass.

The good news I was saying from travels is that there is this good reaction. It’s a minority of a minority, and in England the resistance is now the minority of the traditional minority of the Catholic minority of the population of England. You are my dear friends the minority of a minority of a minority…Take pride in that situation. It’s sad but what can you do? People have free will.

Don’t forget in the Old testament if Abraham had of been able to find ten just men. He made an agreement with God to spare just fifty. God agreed that if he could find fifty just men that he would save Sodom and Gomorrah. He had to come down to forty then down to thirty then down to twenty then to ten.


It’s all in scripture. If he’d found ten just men God would have spared the evil city. If there are thirty of you here today, I’m not saying you are all just men, I’m not saying I’m a just man but we try. Don’t underestimate the importance of the minority of a minority of a minority. That mini minority must exist and it registers with almighty God. God looks much more on quality than he looks on quantity and everything hangs on the quality of your faith and your practice of the faith and on the quality of my faith and the practice of my faith. Everything hangs on that. This reaction is all over the world and the truth is slowly but surely making its way, that’s what I observe and it will go on making its way.

The Latin says, “Magnus veritas” the truth is great and it will prevail and that also is the truth. At the same time, never forget this terrible quotation of Our Lord in the Gospel which is there in scripture, “When I come back shall I find the faith upon the earth?” Meaning that at the very end of the world, the church will have almost disappeared or the faith will almost have disappeared. It’s a terrible quotation because it says how the faith is almost going to be lost at the end of the world, it says that God is going to allow a tremendous diminution of the faith; a tremendous falling away from the truth; a tremendous loss of truth. God has told us that that’s going to happen.

We are now in the dress rehearsal I think for that, the end of the world. Something very similar is happening today, the truth is being lost. Very few people still have an idea of a truth which is one; which is non-contradictory; which is coherent and exclusive of error. People don’t want to exclude, we include everybody; we include all evidence; we include all sinners. There’s to be no more exclusion there’s to be no more inequality. There’s no more distinguishing between the faithful and the unfaithful….Infidels…Pagans…Apostates…Which they used to be…

In fact the most important thing that distinguishes human beings is not the color of their skin, it’s not the grave of their intelligence, it’s not their age, it’s not their sex… The greatest difference between human beings is those who have the faith and those who don’t….Fidels and Infidels… the faithful and the unfaithful. That’s the most important thing but of course the mass of people of today have completely lost sight of that. The mass of people have no idea…they don’t want proof, they don’t want the exclusive truth, a truth that excludes error.


They don’t want to think. They don’t want to be imprisoned by two and two are four, they want to be free…two and two are four or five or six… it’s a lovely new world in which we are no longer tied up in two and two are four which is miserable and constricted and old fashioned and retarded and backwards…

Our computers are opening up a new world and sure enough, on the computers there’s a massive fantasy and of course a massive sin as well as I’m sure you all know. Who still has an idea that there is a truth? People don’t want to because the truth is of God. “I am the way, the truth and the life”. People don’t want God, they definitely don’t want the truth. It is because they don’t want God that they don’t want the truth; they want to live their lives free of the ten commandments; they want to be free to do what they like; they don’t want to have a conscience; they don’t want to listen to their conscience. This is the mass of people today. More and more all the time and Christian civilization is breaking down as a consequence.

We saw here in London, what was it two years ago now? These riots all around this part of the world or including this part of the world, somebody told me that they were up on a tower, maybe in the east end or something, with a view over London and they could see the fires here there and everywhere. Civilization is breaking down. They’re increasing massively the police force and the police are being trained to think of themselves as something different so that that they won’t be afraid of ‘bashing’ their fellow citizens on the head. The governments are afraid of losing control…of law and order just vanishing. In the Unites States they’re certainly planning for marshal law. They’ve already built huge internment camps (they call them instead of concentration camps although they’re the same thing) to shut away all of the rebels against the system. The people are stirring in the United States and it’s because God is not there.

As the Popes in the nineteenth century said one after another, “If you don’t like this revolutionary world, if you don’t want revolutions…bring back God because God, Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Catholic Church, will remind those who govern that they have got very severe duties, very severe responsibilities for which they will answer for when they die, when they appear in front of their maker. The same religion and faith will tell those who are governed that it is not their business to rise up in revolution against the government.


If the government see themselves that the government is under God then it would be much easier for the governed to put themselves under the government. If the government are out from and away from God why should the governed then still be under the governors?

Therefore, the solution to a revolutionary world is the Catholic faith and the Catholic church. It’s common sense from two, three, four, five, six hundred years ago. It’s the absolute opposite of what people commonly think today. All they want to do is to get rid of the church; get rid of the ten commandments; get rid of God; and we’re going to build a brave new world of man….Heaven help us… This brave new world is going to be an inferno. It’s going to be a tyranny an absolute tyranny and that’s exactly what the Jews envisaged creating and do you know that as men who should lead women have betrayed women by refusing to lead…By behaving unfit to lead…as some races have betrayed other races, I won’t specify which, it sounds too shocking…But there is a difference between the races and those races to whom God gives the privileges too and the gifts to lead have betrayed the other races when they don’t fulfill their obligations. ‘Noblesse oblige’, as the French say, which means - Nobility obliges, and if you have got a certain nobility, by gifts from God then it’s an obligation. It’s not just that some gifts are to be used for your enjoyment, to spend more months of the year on golden beaches on the other side of the world. That’s not what God gives us our gifts for. Gifts mean responsibility and duties before God. You lose sight of God…and then gifts simply mean… if you can make yourself a tyrant and crush the whole people, that’s what you will do. That of course is how gifted people of today are reacting, the ‘banksters’…That’s how they’re reacting. There’s nothing to stop us, we’re in control, we handle people’s money, we know how to do it for our own enrichment and for the impoverishing now, the people and that’s what’s happening. Certainly in the United States but most likely here also.

Christian civilization is breaking down hence the importance of Christmas, the Saviour is being born. The Saviour is coming. The Saviour, Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Saviour. He alone is the Saviour born and he was born as a little baby in order to be able to die on the cross. If he hadn’t had his human nature, he couldn’t have paid for human sins. He could not, as being only God, pay. He could not pay if was not both man and God. If he was not God he could not pay enough with his sufferings. If he was not man he could not have paid enough for all of our sins. By suffering he had to be both God and man which of course he was.


God of God, Light of Light, True God of True God and true man born of the Blessed virgin Mary. One person - two natures.

Oh my dear friends, next time the riots break out in London…which…I’m sure that the police are running scared. They’ve now got drones, they’ve now got electronics, they’ve now got the ability to spy as they have never been able to spy before. But all of this machinery is useless without God. They build the city in vain if they build it without God says the psalm and this attempt to build a new world order without God is absolutely doomed…doomed in advance. It’s going to seem to succeed under the Anti-Christ…it seems to be succeeding now but it’s doomed. God is God. Punish us he’s allowed with this quasi collapse of everything around our ears but he is still in control and He is not gonna allow any soul to be damned that does not want to be damned…or that does not want the cause of being damned. No soul damned wants the effects of being damned, the terrible sufferings for eternity in hell. But while they live they do want the causes of that damnation and they’ll get what they wanted. Every soul in hell has got what it wanted…a kind of independence…at least a refusal of God. In hell they are submitted to God because they are submitted to these terrible punishments but they’ve never admitted…they’ve never submitted of themselves and in hell they are still screaming blasphemies and hatred and they will do that for eternity…Unimaginable…Unimaginable…Unimaginable horror…But that is how serious God is and how serious sin is.

Courage my dear friends, if you have the truth and you have the true faith, hold onto it as the most precious possession you have. Don’t let the world around you get to you or get to your faith. Faith is not kidology. It’s not self-delusion. It’s a submission…an obedience says St Paul…It’s my submitting my mind to supernatural truths which are much greater than my mind…beyond my little mind to see beyond it’s own powers but I submit my mind to these great truths. But it is to truth that one is submitting, not to illusion, nor to self-delusion, not to lies. What the Catholic Church teaches is truth and it will always be true it cannot change, therefore, plenty courage.

God bless you all for keeping the faith and sticking with Our Lord. It’s a noble thing to do in our Godless times and if you and I persevere, the reward for perseverance amidst such difficult circumstances will correspond to the difficulty of those circumstances.


The more difficult the faith today, the greater the reward when we stay with Our Lord and the reward will surpass infinitely anything you and I can imagine. Just like hell is much more terrible than either you or I can imagine, heaven is much more wonderful. Only I’ll bet you…so to speak…that heaven more exceeds what we can imagine than hell exceeds what we can imagine because God is good. God is infinitely good and heaven is just unimaginably beautiful and worth every suffering and every difficulty and every penance in this little life in order to achieve…In the Name of The father, The Son and The Holy Ghost. ABL Forum