Keeping Sunday Holy When No Priest


When there are no priests
During the French Revolution very many Bishops and priests were martyred for their faith as were many outstanding laymen also martyred. Church property was seized by the Masonic government. That left the people without their priests and without a place to go to Mass and receive the sacraments. It was during that period that a Father Demaris wrote the following letter to the concerned Catholics of his day. At the present time (the year 2004), the Church is in a situation which is EXACTLY parallel to the time of Fr. Demaris. If he were writing this letter today, he would in all probability write exactly the same words. Hence, Fr. Demaris’ letter is given below in its entirety. Read it with an eye to history and an eye to the present. May it bring you courage and consolation. Read on: (a MUST read of full article)

Download the Tridentine Ordinary of the Mass Missale Romanum - Roman Missal in Latin and English in Latin and English 1962 Edition

Pray the Mass at home:

Catholic Treasure Chest

Pray The Rosary

Traditional Liturgical Novenas

Extract From Book of Confidence (Chapter 2)

Keeping Your Faith Alive and Well

Special Prayers

Stations of the Cross


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Here is the link : What to do on Sundays When No Priest

It is preferable to keep Sunday holy in a family group led by the Father (or parent) rather than establish a special group. Single people could join in with a family that lives near them. Or if not possible a single person can keep Sunday Holy when uniting with spiritual Masses being said around the world. To pray the Mass using your traditional Missal is recommended.

It is also recommended that you read the thread 'Christ the Priest' : Christ the Priest
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If you have a Traditional hymnal, it's nice to sing some Catholic songs after your prayers, according to the month. August is dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so you can sing some hymns to the BVM. It can be uplifting.


A wonderful suggestion. And thank you for your reminder that August is the Month of the Immaculate Conception. Whilst failing to realise this during the first week of the month, we hope to rectify the oversight here: Link

Immaculate Heart of Mary Pray for us!