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Vinisio is a race caller.

Under lock down Victoria Vini has honed his equine commentary skills to levels that defy his 10 year old capacity.

He calls these races with such ease and accuracy that I am left 'gob-smacked' of this phenomena before me.

"I can't forget a horse Dada and I can't forget a race". "I remember all their colours and the way a horse runs and looks". "All their faces are different and some of them run with their heads to the side and some look happy and some look sad". " Happy horses run faster" don't you think"? "Why doesn't everyone remember these things-it's easy"?

Then there is me..........

I forget habitually and need a database to make up for my porous brain. Too much alcohol as a teenager or the duress of life and age, who knows? What I do know is that Vini and I are inseparable, not for need of love or companionship but rather an onerous edict, a "lock down decree," from our be-speckled, posturing Premier.... "Chairman Dan".

This decree has left me homeschooling my "genius" race calling child and implementing a 4th grade Steiner curriculum that is easily rejected by his thoroughbred infatuated 10 year old brain.

" Fractions and writing Vini!" "Yes you do need to learn about wombats and Thor and Valhalla before the races start!" (These were the early day lock down conversations I had with him when I should have known better).

"But I want to be a race caller and everything else is a waste of life!" " I don't care about wombats and fractions and those stories are weird! (they are little out there)

Maybe it's true- He refuses to give attention to things that don't concern him unless pushed. He searches racing websites looking for information about horses and future fields and then writes it all down in his Steiner schoolbook.

This schoolbook was issued to him to write in and show his comprehension of fabled stories about Gods and sub Gods from many religions that are part of the Steiner reading curriculum. His teacher is in for a surprise when he collects this book and see's the only god-like references pertain to thoroughbred horses with theologically derived names, such as Thor's Hammer, Almighty Zeus and Dark Angel Gabriel. These entities don't fly around the sky so much, but more the race tracks of Melbourne.

Anyway we stuck with writing and the fractions but Thor gets no hammering from me anymore.

Like many special kids that flap their arms and jump up and down like Jack rabbits, Vini's brain neurons and glia enable electrical impulses that produce unique outcomes. In Vini' case synapses fire these impulses like cannons over a canyon resulting in a recognition and memory that is akin to a "super computer". Others 'fire off' and land at the bottom of the canyon never to reach their destination, resulting in "abnormal behavior". The result here is an encyclopedic like knowledge of all things enjoyable and a rejection of all things not-like Norse Gods and wombats.

So now this "super computer" calculates and remembers data inside a live, unique and very selective entity with compulsions that further prevent normal all round programming. "Normal" has no place in this scenario and most outcomes will be either spectacular or ridiculous. Think of a jumping, clapping seal that can remember every shark attack it has escaped from and every fish it has ever eaten.

I have a ringside seat observing this emerging juggernaut at close range. An unfettered unique brain, fueled by an insatiable thirst, encapsulated in a "pogo jumping" child frame, is indeed making these day's unprecedented.

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