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Update regarding Cor-Mariae’s now removed condemnations of Bishop Williamson’s stated
opinions regarding the Novus Ordae/advocacy of Poem of the Man God/other.

This writer has to take responsibility for believing and promoting what has now been revealed as a serious injustice. Focussing solely on criticising the opinions of Bishop Williamson this administration has aided in creating a smokescreen for an undercover work of Lucifer himself. Unwittingly we have help spawn the creation of a body of Catholics, known as home-aloners who, after leaving the SSPX, support each other in their refusal to received the Sacraments when available from loose federation priests.

Having recognised the treasonous betrayal by Bishop Fellay in his Doctrinal Declaration of 2012 many of the faithful, including this writer, began the search for priests loyal to the perennial teachings of Mother Church.

Knowing that God would not leave his faithful flock orphaned, many priests left the Society, choosing instead to remain faithful to their Founder’s principles. Shaking the dust of the Society off their feet they sought to anchor themselves in what became known as the loose federation of priests. Bishop Williamson provided the umbrella/place of shelter, so to speak, for them with the intention of keeping true to Archbishop Lefebvre’s commission to save the priesthood from annihilation. It was an emergency needing at least a temporary place of refuge until the cuckoo-traitors in the SSPX could be kicked out and restored to its rightful occupants.

This displacement of the priesthood and scattering of the flock occurred over a whole generation giving the enemies of Light countless opportunities to
  • complete their destruction of the priesthood - and thus of the Church once for all.
  • proliferate a generation of newchurch clergy and congregation
  • starve out/shame those sheltering under the umbrella of the loose federation.
The Star of Bethlehem, however, continued hovering over the battered Refuge of the loose federation and its outreaches where the Christ Child remained in the womb of His Mother, the Tabernacle of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church where Our Lord continues to proclaim His death until His return to judge the living and the dead. Not only was this now a place of refuge to preserve the true Faith and its Priesthood but Truth-seekers fleeing NewChurch began seeking admission. This sole Auxilliary Bishop who had been thrust into a place of leadership endeavoured to find a place for as many of them as possible. Nobody, including this writer can throw the first stone at this Bishop who was faced with the problem of feeding two disparate flocks…. at the same time. They fell into two groups namely -
  • those who wanted to keep the Faith of our Fathers and
  • those who only knew what Newchurch taught but heard a voice calling them away.
This dilemma presented itself to me when I met, and listened to one of the priests who belong to the loose federation. I was aware that the judgment being meted out to Bishop Williamson fell also on the loose federation priests in that they were admonished for not publicly denouncing some opinions of the only Bishop they could turn to to save their priesthood. I have recently learned that many Australian Catholics have refused receiving the Sacraments from these good, solid priests. I beg these good souls to reconsider their position for which I am partly responsible. I regret, and make reparation for highlighting and commenting judgementally on the stated opinions of Bishop Williamson, and supporting those from whom these judgements originated…. and who still propagate them. I beg Catholics caught in this web of Lucifer’s to escape as soon as they possibly can. Believe me, there is still time.

Bishop Williamson is to be commended for his loyalty to the spirit of what Archbishop Lefebvre set out to do. In spite of the impossible task set him, he has not abandoned traditional Catholics OR those fleeing the Novus Ordo newchurch.

Personal opinions or doctrinal issues aside for a moment, I put it to readers that Bishop Williamson tried to hold on to the SSPX for as long as possible. THEN, when the legitimacy/validity of the priesthood was contaminated it became the lynch-pin to fight for preserving doctrine. If you see doctrinal issues solely as the only criteria I would agree that there would be no difference in leaving the SSPX as some have pointed out. But if the priesthood itself is being contaminated by its merger into conciliar Rome, then the wellspring of doctrine is in danger of drying up. ONLY the true priesthood can keep it alive, deepen its roots by embedding it into the souls of the scattered flock. More, much more has arisen in that the flock must be brought into a state of perfection by countering the enticing new doctrines that emanate from Rome. This can only be done by true priests, in unison with one another, administering true Sacraments.

In the loose federation the priests are:
  • ordained in the old right therefore true priests
  • to a man they all offer the Mass of all ages
  • to a man they are true to the unchanging doctrine handed down from the Apostles prior to Vat.II council
  • to a man they all speak out against Vat.II
  • to a man they remain true sons of Archbishop Lefebvre
The situation in our country cannot be compared to that in the United States where traditional priests, whether they belong to the loose federation or not, can be found supplying the needs of the scattered faithful.

It is worth noting that the 'advice' urging Catholics to refuse the Sacraments from loose federation priests emanates from the United States by a handful of singular U.S. priests, supported by their lay followers. They have convinced a large number of Australian Catholics to refuse the Sacraments whilst their own laity have ready access to them.

We owe a great debt to these two valiant loose federation priests and beg their forgiveness for the treatment they have received from this Administration.


Regular sermons from true sons of Archbishop Lefebvre can be found HERE.
During intervals when lockdowns are removed Masses in Melbourne are provided and their itineraries regularly published as shown HERE where there is a Contact co-ordinator for any questions.

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