How Catholics ought to dress

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I do not know this youtube poster, but this came up in a similar search. He doesn't appear sedevacantist based on his list.



mariaangelagrow said:
When I was involved in prolife rescue, we had to wear slacks under our skirts/dresses in case we were dragged off to jail, for modesty. Also, in extreme cold, I have worn slacks under my dress/skirt. If one does not drive, one can spend long hours in the cold awaiting transportation. Even thick tights might not suffice. Would this be against Catholic teaching if worn under a long skirt/dress?

It would be taking things into the dark world of scruples if wearing slacks under skirts were to be considered wrong.

The pioneer religious sisters who braved the elements in Alaska wore protective trousers under there habits.

One Pope from the 800's??? wrote to the Bulgarians, that it didn't make any difference whatsoever if the Bulgarian women wore their pants. The Bulgarians had asked him if their womenfolk had to abandon their traditional, baggy linen pants, now that they had converted to Catholicism.

Hungarian women wore the same style pants until the 1300's.

Linen bloomers were standard wear for women until around 1900. If those people could see what society has arrived at! The fabrics are so thin, and practically everything has a percentage of Spandex added to it, to create 'stretch' fabric. Nothing is left to the imagination; nothing is holy; nothing is sacred.

Added to this is the chronic illness of voyeurism raging in our societies, especially in Australia. Men of today do not know what respect for women is. They HAVE to look. Saint Augustine speaks strongly in his brilliant Rule, of not 'fixing the eye'. Perving is a way of life for many men, and if this illness creeps into our Society parishes, God help us! This is one reason why Traditional Catholics striving to live chastely in a world gone mad, do not accept as something 'normal', the television with its putrid stream of filthy images, nor worldly/lurid magazines, nor modern entertainment. Neither are they the least bit interested in the 'hottest dance floors' out there, or the dance 'moves' one needs to gyrate energetically in such cess pits, nor the Chinese White Lady Snake idol, nor the romance films that, even though 'restrained', show actors who may be married to SOMEONE ELSE, cavorting around impurely.

We cannot sup with the devil with spoons that vary in length according to the situation.

If we do not raise God fearing and holy youth, that age group is going to become the delectable smorgasbord for the perverse of this country.

There is also the entire history involved with modern trousers, to help keep things in perspective. It was during the pernicious and debauched era of the Renaissance, that vice brought about necessary changes in men's dress, which finally evolved into modern trousers. The homosexual men of the time, wanted to get a better 'view' of the young men. In those days, it was not obligatory to wear underwear as we know it. The long style doublet would cover the male wearer modestly. However, the aforementioned perverts started a trend of shorter and shorter doublets/coats, resulting in gross immodesty. The Holy Father of the day ordered that garments cover the wearer modestly, and this then evolved into trousers proper. I have contacts currently working with a legal team in Rome, on behalf of the Swiss Guard, or Guards, who have been harassed by pervert clergy for the same reasons. This is entirely off subject, but if the Swiss Guard give up in disgust and abandon their posts, (cease providing security), that could be how the Pope will be fleeing 'over the bodies' of his dead cardinals.

In this modern era, very often women wear pants as a way of flaunting themselves. Almost more disgusting is the effeminate modern male, sidling along crablike, with his backside falling out of those ridiculously low cut trousers, as if the whole world was his admirer.

So to return to the question: one final point - Father William Welsh, around 1985 was encouraging the women of Hampton to wear slacks under their skirts, if they needed to.

* Note: I do not have the time to provide citations, but would do so if time permitted.


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not sure that's it but...


Thank you for the history and elucidation. I used to work as a home health aide and an unclothed person would probably elicit a check of his/her state of health first, unless it were blatantly sexual. But for many, scanty dress is a great temptation, so it is uncharitable. One of the few perks of old age is not being a temptation to anyone ever again, lol. I would think by now, people would be so jaded by undress that clothing might be more alluring, as a novelty. I can least understand how Catholic clergy, including the popes can have Masses with half naked people all over. These half naked people knew enough to try to kiss the pope's ring, but not to put clothing on? Sorry, I can not link to this.


mariaangelagrow said:
If you can stand to listen to it, this is a link of it being read aloud. What kind of mother doesn't dress her children after their bath and lets them even go outside naked? An invitation to pedophiles, and it seems that they are trying to mainstream pedophilia these days. And this book was up for an award! God have mercy on us and Mary please teach our world modesty again. If we don't repent, we are doomed to great disaster. So much offense to Jesus and Mary, and the saints and our guardian angels.
i dont think it is the mothers fault the parent was drying the boy and rudie nudie just ran out the door