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Thursday, 13 August 2020

White House Signs $1.5 Billion Vaccine Deal With Gates-backed Moderna

Written by Luis Miguel

The Trump administration this week announced the closing of a $1.5 billion contract under which the federal government will purchase 100 million doses of an eventual COVID-19 vaccine produced by the biotechnology company Moderna, the sixth such deal reached since May.

“I’m pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with Moderna to manufacture and deliver 100 million doses of their coronavirus vaccine candidate,” the president sait at a White House news conference. “The federal government will own these vaccine doses, we’re buying them.”

In a statement, Moderna Chief Executive Stéphane Bancel welcomed the deal. “We appreciate the confidence of the U.S. government in our mRNA vaccine platform and the continued support,” he said.

The Moderna vaccine will reportedly cost approximately $15 per dose, though the government will provide them to the American public free of charge.

As the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) explained on Tuesday, “If these doses are used in a COVID-19 [coronavirus disease] vaccination campaign, the vaccine would be available to the American people at no cost. As is customary with government-purchased vaccines, healthcare professionals could charge for the cost of administering the vaccine.”

Under the newly signed agreement, the government will also have the option of purchasing an additional 400 million doses.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. government has “also invested in vaccine research and development, as well as supplies like vials and syringes.”

The administration has already signed five previous such deals with drugmakers such as Johnson & Johnson, Novavax, Pfizer and Sanofi, and AstraZeneca — all part of Operation Warp Speed, which seeks to obtain over 500 million vaccine doses.

President Trump has vowed to deliver a safe and effective vaccine by January 2021 through Operation Warp Speed.

“In creating a vaccine portfolio for Operation Warp Speed, the Trump Administration is increasing the likelihood that the United States will have at least one safe, effective vaccine by 2021,” HHS Secretary Alex Azar said in a statement on Tuesday.

Moderna is co-developing the vaccine in partnership with the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), which is under HHS. The government has given Moderna nearly $1 billion in U.S. taxpayer funds for its research work.

Currently, the Moderna vaccine candidate is the only one in the final phase.

“There’s never a guarantee that you’re going to get a safe and effective vaccine,” Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases told lawmakers late last month, adding, “We feel cautiously optimistic that we will have a vaccine by the end of this year and as we go into 2021.”

News of the deal between the Trump administration and Moderna sent the company’s stock surging 10 percent.

Moderna, whose work is focused on inserting mRNA into living cells, which, hopefully, reprogram the cells to develop autoimmune responses, has received millions of dollars in grant funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gates, a proponent of population control, is funding both an under-the-skin vaccine history device that can be read with infrared-equipped smartphones and a remote-controlled contraceptive microchip to go under women’s skin.

Under a partnership between the Bill Gates-supported GAVI vaccine alliance and Mastercard, a new program called Trust Stamp is being tested in West Africa that would use biometrics to verify people’s information.

The goal is to integrate it into the GAVI-Mastercard “Wellness Pass,” a digital vaccination record and identity system, to enable the rapid verification of any given person’s vaccine history. Other elite organizations such as the Rockefeller Foundation are also giving money to develop this technology.

Trust Stamp co-founder Gareth Genner explains how the system will work:

The hash has to work where there is no internet, no cellular connectivity, he says. It helps create a simple, low-budget way for children and their guardians to maintain medical records that cannot be confused with another child. Each time the child gets a vaccine and a new hash is created at the clinic, it is encoded with the updated health information. Algorithms can accurately predict if two different hashes belong to the same living person. “The hash evolves over time,” Genner says, “just as you evolve.”

If such a system is perfected, it would not even be necessary for governments to mandate a vaccine to get most people to receive it. Just as many large retailers and grocers now require customers to wear face masks to enter stores, they may likewise require proof of vaccination (verified through technology such as Trust Stamp) just to buy and sell.

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Reading and viewing what is said in this link crystallises everything I stand for as a spiritual and physical human being.
It states clearly that foetal cells 'were' used in making vaccines and that there could be traces remaining.
This is the main reason I refuse to accept being vaccinated full stop. This professor seems to be confident that I, a Catholic,
should have neither (a) ordinary nor (b) religious worries whatsoever to refuse being vaccinated.

(a) Ordinary
That the majority of members of the medical profession, by allocating to itself the right to kill the tiniest human beings, has betrayed its fundamental
reason-for-being. All human beings -
  • no longer have the fundamental, that is: set-in-concrete right to live, but
  • these doctors now have the exclusive legal right to kill.
(b) Spiritual
In quoting Emeritus Pope Benedict he is quoting a man who, like the aforementioned doctors, has traitorously used his position to destroy souls. Whereas a doctor can now legally destroy tiny human beings and experiment with parts of their helpless bodies, Emeritus Pope Benedict can complete the process by permitting us, in God’s name no less, to kill tiny human beings as well. In other words, he is saying that God is quite happy for us to commit murder.

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Vaccine Ingredients – Fetal Tissues

Varicella (chickenpox), rubella (the “R” in the MMR vaccine), hepatitis A, and one preparation of rabies vaccine are all made by growing the viruses in fetal embryo fibroblast cells. Fibroblast cells are the cells needed to hold skin and other connective tissue together. The fetal embryo fibroblast cells used to grow vaccine viruses were first obtained from elective termination of two pregnancies in the early 1960s. These same embryonic cells obtained from the early 1960s have continued to grow in the laboratory and are used to make vaccines today. No further sources of fetal cells are needed to make these vaccines.

The reasons that fetal cells were originally used included:
  • Viruses need cells to grow and tend to grow better in cells from humans than animals (because they infect humans).
  • Almost all cells die after they have divided a certain number of times; scientifically, this number is known as the Hayflick limit. For most cell lines, including fetal cells, it is around 50 divisions; however, because fetal cells have not divided as many times as other cell types, they can be used longer. In addition, because of the ability to maintain cells at very low temperatures, such as in liquid nitrogen, scientists are able to continue using the same fetal cell lines that were isolated in the 1960s.
As scientists studied these viruses in the lab, they found that the best cells to use were the fetal cells mentioned above. When it was time to make a vaccine, they continued growing the viruses in the cells that worked best during these earlier studies.
Even though fetal cells are used to grow vaccine viruses, vaccines do not contain these cells or pieces of DNA that are recognizable as human DNA. People can be reassured by the following:
  • When viruses grow in cells, the cells are killed because in most cases the new viruses burst the cells to be released.
  • Once the vaccine virus is grown, it is purified, so that cellular debris and and growth reagents are removed.
  • During this process of purification, any remaining cellular DNA is also broken down. To learn more about DNA and vaccine, visit the “Vaccine ingredients – DNA” page.
Learn more about fetal tissues used in vaccines by watching this short video, part of the Talking about Vaccines with Dr. Paul Offit video series.

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