Fr. Nely conference, Oct. 23, 2016


Fr. Nely conference, Oct. 23, 2016

Below is the Q&A part of Fr. Nely's conference he gave in Post Falls Idaho. His accent is a little difficult at times, but it is very clear in revealing the hypocrisy and compromises of today's new sspx thinking.

Out of the six or so people asking questions, there were only two people who asked serious questions.

The first question asked if Fr. Nely will promise us that the sspx will NOT honor "saint" pope john paul II as a saint when they receive their agreement. Fr. Nely did not answer yea or nay. The person asked again, Fr. Nely only said "well, I personally will not. And I know some other priests who won't". How lame!

The second series of questions started by asking Fr. Nely if someone can go to the Fraternity of St. Peter masses now that Menzingen accepts a recognition with rome as the Fraternity of St. Peter did. He avoided to answer the question! He only distracted it by picking out words like "looking" or "prelature". More questions followed by quoting Bishop Fellay's conference in New Zealand (or Australia) describing the deal they accepted. Fr. Nely totally maneuvered around it...including at the end when another question was raised to point out the words Fr. Nely kept using throughout "we will protect you", asking, why should the sspx need to "protect" us if there is no longer a state of necessity by your acceptance of the deal? Just to say that the sspx will "protect" us, proves there is still a problem and a false new religion coming from the pope.

This conference only shows the continued aims of Menzingen and their resoluteness to stomp over people to attain their goals.