Father Rioult Replies


Correction concerning the French District Superior’s statement about the 28/02/13 letter to Bp. Fellay.

Original: La Sapiniere

A joint letter from 37 priests from the French District was indeed posted on the website La Sapinière. The truths this letter contained have visibly displeased the General House which has decided to punish three priests from among the 37 who approved it. Their crime: a refusal to put up with the General House’s lies.

The General House commands, in the name of Canon 2331 § 2, that the three priests cease their ministries and be put into quarantine until a trial in which he whom we accuse will also be our judge. In other words, Bp. Fellay will be both judge and plaintiff. We know no Church canon law which permits lying. We do know the 8th Commandment of God forbidding it.

The entire content of the 28th February letter is true and can be verified. The General House, troubled, at first spoke of the letter being a forgery and that it could not originate from priests. Faced with the facts, they are now trying to make everyone believe it is a “fable”. We have nothing “against the authority of the Society” to which we owe everything, we simply want the General House to stop distorting reality and favoring a practical liberalism. No matter what they say, there is not “only a small number” of priests who wish for “their superiors’ resignation”!

Three priests have been punished, true, but that changes nothing concerning the facts. The problem remains. We reject the accusation of the General Secetary. We have always justified our sources. We have committed neither calumny, nor defamation, nor amalgam. If we are resolved to denounce the wrongs of the Superior General and his assistants, it is only after having consulted Saint Thomas and moral authorities of the Society. Our aim is to halt the scandal of the troubling and ambiguous policies of the General House.

Our “attitude” is not founded upon “nothing objective”, quite the contrary! We have not “allowed ourselves to succumb to an irrational mistrust against the authority of the Society”. The reasons for our concerns are not only reasoned they are argued and put forward in the Catechism of the Crisis in the SSPX

We do not doubt the doctrinal rectitude of the French District Superior, but we have to admit that he is no longer free to write what he thinks. It would seem he has to twist his conscience to exempt his superior of his faults in order to be allowed to preach doctrine. Without the letter of 28th February from 37 priests, would Bp. Fellay have given the conference the way he did in Nantes on the 1st March? Would the March 2013 “Letter to Friends and Benefactors” have been authorized by Menzingen without Fr de Cacqueray expessing his gratitude to Bp. Fellay “for the courageous refusal he sent to the pope”? This is no longer doctrinal rectitude but the swampland of diplomacy.

La Sapinière will continue its work. Est est, Non non!

We detest no one, neither Bp. Fellay however much his duplicity fills us with dread, nor Fr. de Cacqueray for whom we have the greatest esteem. To both of them and to each of the Capitulants who instead of truly resolving the problem at the General Chapter in July 2012 only hid it and even in part endorsed it, we offer the words which Lieutenant Degueldre offered his executioners before being shot: “I have no hate for you, I pity you”.

Fr Olivier Rioult, FSSPX

One of the three punished priests