Father Ortiz at Tynong (Update)


28th/29th October

Father Ortiz said Mass for us in the
Tynong Hall towards the end of October. We expect him tomorrow again here on the 10th November and hope to have more pictures.


10th November

Father Ortiz gave a talk on when and how the resistance movement began.

It began when Archbishop LeFebvre resisted the errors that were propagated by the Vatican II Council. Striving always to be obedient to the Pope it came to an 'either or' situation. If he chose to obey the Pope it would mean disobeying God. It dismayed him greatly that it had come to disobeying the Pope in order to obey God - to protect the priesthood from final destruction. The intent of the enemies of Christ was to destroy the priesthood through the conciliar church - once for all.

The SSPX was fruitful and grew throughout the world. Like the prow of a great ship, the Society forged through the stormy sea strengthening and being joined in the struggle by smaller Catholic communities. One by the one the smaller communities accepted a compromise with Rome when submitting to practical agreements. History will record forever their fateful end as they were swallowed up by the heretical conciliar church - the priesthood compromised.

All was well for a number of years until the Society began to lose, bit by bit, its principle ingredient: to fight for the preservation of the traditional faith and her priests. By degrees the SSPX compromised in small things until her leaders declared that 95% of the Council's documents were acceptable and to that they agreed. Some of her priests began to see the new trend which gradually developed into a new full-blown re-branding. The fighting spirit had disappeared completely. The name of Archbishop Lefebvre and all he had fought for was gradually displaced; the spirit of pride had taken over. That success the SSPX enjoyed had gone to the heads of her leaders who then began to lead her priests and laity to believe that, in sacrificing the demand for doctrinal veracity, they would convert the conciliar church back to the true faith.

Those priests who saw the changes coming in, then being enforced under pain of dismissal to comply, were faced with the same choice that had confronted Archbishop Lefebvre: to obey their superiors or God. Like our holy Founder they chose to obey God and fight. Thus they suffered great humiliations as they were thrown out.

The first victim was Bishop Williamson.

Father Ortiz said that the Society was 'mortally wounded'. He concluded by saying that continuing the resistance to the heresies propagated by those in authority must continue until Rome returns to the faith.

This writer particularly noticed that Father Ortiz unhesitatingly spoke of the errors of those in authority. There was not the slightest hint of sedevacantism, nor did he mention it.

Kathleen Donelly


A healthy body reacts with a vigorous immune system by resisting viruses, harmful bacteria and diseases that attack it. So, by way of comparison, when the leadership of the Society of St. Pius X officially embraced Liberal ideas most harmful to the Faith and publicized them, rather than react by crying "Resistance to what?", it should rather be, "WHAT? NO RESISTANCE?" Truthfully, there should have been a healthy, unanimous wave of resistance from the very beginning, to that which threatens the very foundations of the Traditional Roman Catholic Faith!

Faced with the manifest ignoring of the wisdom, warnings, and prudence of Abp. Lefebvre never to pursue a purely practical agreement without Rome's conversion to Tradition FIRST, expressed by the shift of principles in July 14, 2012's General Chapter Statement, "WHAT? NO RESISTANCE?"

Faced with the 6 Conditions, which the SSPX "bound itself to," the first one asking for, what amounts to, the freedom to set up one of our own altars in the Pantheon of All Beliefs so aggressively promoted by the Conciliar Church, when Abp. Lefebvre always refused such a false communion, demanding the Pope's and Rome's conversion to the Faith of Tradition, "WHAT? NO RESISTANCE?"

Faced with the willingness to be put under the local Modernist bishops in the second desirable Condition, "WHAT? NO RESISTANCE?"

Faced with the leaders of the SSPX's Liberal statements on the Council, the errors of Vatican II, on Religious Liberty, on the New Mass being legitimately promulgated, on accepting the New Code and the New Profession of Faith, on accepting Vatican II as "enlightening" and "deepening" Catholic Tradition (1), "WHAT? NO RESISTANCE?"

Faced with none of these statements, declarations and affirmations having been publicly rejected, corrected or refuted in a clear, precise manner by the culprits themselves, to all the priests and faithful of the world, scandalized by these compromises threatening the only Revealed Truth, "WHAT? NO RESISTANCE?"

Faced with the Society's leaders unjustly silencing, expelling, threatening bishops, priests, Carmelite nuns and faithful, even to the point of refusing Holy Communion and expelling children from their schools and threatening the same in the future for any who openly oppose the new direction of compromise and false agreements, "WHAT? NO RESISTANCE?"

Faced with the leadership's ever growing silence about Modernist Rome's ongoing destruction of the Faith, Spirit of Assisi, Pope Francis' scandals against the Faith as well as the Modernist bishops throughout the world, "WHAT? NO RESISTANCE?"

Faced with the rising "friendly fire" towards the priests, monks and nuns of the Resistance (who merely repeat the Founder's warnings) as the "greatest evil" and ignoring the real danger and enemy to Christ the King and His Holy Religion, namely, Modernist /Conciliar Rome of 2013, "WHAT? NO RESISTANCE?"

Faced with the 6 Conditions, not one of which demands a doctrinal agreement, proving that Menzingen is ever determined to seeking a "practical agreement" (as if real unity can ever be possible without unity in the Catholic Truth), "WHAT? NO RESISTANCE?"

Faced with the affirmations that the Declarations of Vatican II "On Religious Liberty" and "On Relations of the Church With Non-Catholic Religions"(already condemned by previous Popes), are RECONCILABLE, albeit "with difficulty," with the prior Magisterium (Doctrinal Declaration, III, 5), by Society leaders, "WHAT? NO RESISTANCE?"

Faced with over 500 priests trained to combat Modernism and identify its tactics (such as ambiguous language) and confronted with this in the very documents sent from Menzingen, officially swallowing the Modernist poison, even before a written “canonical normalization” or “agreement” has been signed; faced with the overwhelming silence, “WHAT? NO RESISTANCE?”

When the Faith is compromised or EVEN IN DANGER (cf. Doctrinal -- not "Prudential"-- Declaration, April 15, 2012), St. Thomas Aquinas affirms (2) that inferiors have the duty to publicly correct their superiors, respectfully, but clearly, Bp. de Castro Meyer made it the point of his short sermon at the Episcopal Consecrations, 25 years ago. Abp. Lefebvre did not fear to continually correct the Vatican II Popes, numerous Cardinals and clergy. Was he not labeled "schismatic", "rebellious", "dissident", "sedevacantist", "liberal" (for confronting superiors), "disobedient", "imprudent", etc., etc.? Did he not form a Resistance to the Conciliar Church and its Reforms?

Truly admirable was his organization of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X to continue the True Doctrine, Mass, Catechism, and Sacraments. This was, to draw from the example of Sacred Scripture, building with the trowel in one hand.

But he also combatted the modern errors, the scandals of the then, reigning popes, and the destruction of countless souls through the errors and spirit promoted by the Conciliar Church. This was wielding the sword. Yes, the trowel in one hand, to build, the sword in the other, to fight! Fight he did indeed, till his last breath!

The new direction of the SSPX (admitted by Bp. Fellay's "new attitude towards Rome," the new non-critical approach of the newly branded websites, "Rome is changing" (3) and put into practice by the General Chapter Statement, 6 Conditions and the Doctrinal Declaration of April 15, 2012) has laid down the sword of combat ("... We must abandon the bulldozer approach") and focus on the "positive side" of solely building with the trowel.

But while the onslaughts of the enemies of the Faith are ever advancing and the Conciliar Reign of Terror heightens, there is nothing the Freemasons would agree with more, than to quit publicly exposing the real enemies to the Faith in today's Modernist Rome, and grow more agreeably silent on their errors, scandals and betrayals to Our Lord Jesus Christ. "Polemics" rains on the Conciliar parade.

This brings us to "Why the Resistance?"..."Resistance to what?" It is because OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST IS GOD, KING, AND THE ETERNAL HIGH PRIEST! He is the One betrayed, denied, mocked, and uncrowned by Vatican II and its adherents. To make the slightest compromise, even in the name of "practical prudence" with Vatican II, its illegitimate ("bâtarde") Mass and Reforms is to humiliate and betray Our Lord Jesus Christ! "...By their fruits you will know them" (St. Mt. VII 20).

So, "Resistance to what?" needs to be re-examined in the Light of the Faith and then, when one honestly reads the General Chapter Statement and 6 Conditions, the April 15th Doctrinal Declaration, the May 11, 2012 Interviews on CNS, the DICI Interviews of June 7, 2012, along with the continual double-speak and contradictions which still continue, then what honest Catholic cannot but ask, "WHAT? NO RESISTANCE TO ALL THIS? What must we do?"

Referring back to the example of a healthy body, only an emergency surgery can, short of a miracle, revive the SSPX from the mortal wound of the compromise committed last Summer. The steps taken depart from the mission and purpose of the Society's Founder in an official capacity. Miracles? That is Our Lady's "forte" and She knows how to invoke them! She has the mission to revive the Church and can save the SSPX we love and hold dear. But while praying and sacrificing, what else can we do?

"...I am not a pessimist. The Holy Virgin will have the victory. She will triumph over the great Apostasy, the fruit of Liberalism. One more reason not to twiddle our thumbs! We have to fight more than ever for the Social Reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ! In this battle, we are not alone: we have with us all the Popes up through Pius XII inclusively. All of them combatted Liberalism in order to deliver the Church from it. God did not grant that they succeed, but this is no reason to lay down our weapons!

"We have to build, while the others are demolishing. The crumbled citadels have to be rebuilt, the bastions of the Faith to be reconstructed: firstly the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of All Times, which forms saints; then our chapels, which are our true parishes; our monasteries; our large families; our enterprises faithful to the social doctrine of the Church; our politicians determined to make the politics of Jesus Christ--this is a whole tissue of Christian social life, Christian customs, Christian reflexes, which we have to restore, on the scale that God wants, at the time God wills. All that I know, the Faith teaches us; it is that Our Lord Jesus Christ must reign here below, now, and not only at the end of the world, as the Liberals would have it!" (4).

"Let us, therefore, fight on, with the trowel in one hand and the sword in the other!"

"Of them that built on the wall and that carried burdens, and that laded: with one of his hands he did the work, and with the other he held a sword!" (II Esdras IV 17)

(1) See: DICI Interview with Bp. Fellay On Relations With Rome, June 7, 2012, CNS Interview May 11, 2012 in Menzingen and Doctrinal Declaration of April 15, 2012.
(2) St. Thomas Aquinas [IIa IIae Q. 33 a. 4 ad 2um]: "It must be observed, however, that if the faith were endangered, a subject ought to rebuke his prelate even publicly. Hence Paul, who was Peter's subject, rebuked him in public, on account of the imminent danger of scandal concerning faith, and, as the gloss of Augustine says on Galatians 2:11, Peter gave an example to superiors, that if at any time they should happen to stray from the straight path, they should not disdain to be reproved by their subjects."
(3) Letter of Bp. Fellay and Assistants to three Bishops, April 14, 2012, "We have observed a change of attitude in the Church...Vatican II...is no longer in people's heads. Fewer and fewer believe it." Interviews of June 7, 2012, DICI: "The attitude of the official Church has changed, not me."
(4) They Have Uncrowned Him, by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Chapter 34