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In the unlikely event that a strong Bishop may emerge to unite the priesthood may readers who are interested forgive this clumsy attempt on my part to explain why this writer has made the choice to wait for a reforming Pope to do the job before receiving the Sacraments again. The choice was made in order to keep my faith full stop. I decided to share it because so many Catholics have lost the faith entirely since the Council of Vat. II spread its poison. Christ promised that He will not leave any of you orphaned if, through no fault of your own, you find yourselves in a similar position. Don’t give up. Use the circumstances to deepen your faith.

No priest? Your Guardian Angel is trustworthy, ever-present to pick up the slack; St. Michael to protect you and your family – speak to them. In your need get closer to these precious Angels. Pray through Mass/Holy Communion daily. Pray Stations of the Cross. Above all make reparation to our Blessed Mother for all the misuse of Her precious Rosary by prelates/priests/laity who care not to do the will of Her Divine Son, but their own. Or those who mistake complacancy for true peace.



Fighting the raging bushfire of heresies emanating from conciliar Rome have been put on the back burner due to the variety of spot fires that keep springing up to keep us happily distracted while priests themselves are divided on matters of faith and morals and their flocks with them.

Whenever Archbishop Lefebvre spoke he was the voice of the true Shepherd. He is the unambiguous voice of the Church. I can keep my faith if I listen and heed his warnings and follow the guidelines he clearly laid down.

Anybody who has any dealings with the anti-catholic conciliar church is following a new religion even if it is headed by a true Pope. Catholics often refer to the Archbishop’s dalliance with the thought that the See of Peter might be vacant using that as an excuse that he was not sure. It justifies their own fence-sitting on the matter as they come up with all sorts of fancy names to allow them various positions on their PERSONAL beliefs on the matter. AS G.K.Chesterton, that great lay defender of the Catholic faith said:


If the Archbishop was good enough to do his thinking out loud it showed he put into practice the Chesterton test. It is a tribute to his openness and generosity to allow us this glimpse into his reasoning process. Those were his thoughts but his actions speak for themselves.

The Archbishop gave the example of accepting Pope Francis as Pope. He said that this hypothesis (may well be) confirmed by the Church. In sum - until we have a reforming Pope with the authority to decide the issue definitively sedevacantism remains a hypothesis. On that basis it would be uncatholic for any priest to say a non una cum Mass. Saintly theologians would be horrified that any Catholic would use their opinions to act on, and justify his/her own private interpretation of Church law.

He was harsh on those who held the dedicated sedevacantist THEORY (personal opinion) at the same time admonishing those who had private doubts to keep them private. The Church alone has the authority to rule on the matter for all her subjects, and Archbishop Lefebvre’s prudent adherence to that fact proves beyond doubt his declared love of Mother church and Her Magisterium.

The whole thrust of Archbishop Lefebvre’s mission was to expose the heresies emanating from the the Vat II council and the betrayal of nearly a hundred percent of Shepherds* in approving the reconstructed faith either directly or by silence. Unable to sway the immense tidal wave of the cowardly prelates, the Archbishop tried to save the flock by doing all in his power to preserve the priesthood in its purity. But what do we have now? A resistance movement that has descended into chaos by priests working against each other yet all claim to be the saintly Archbishop’s followers.

Abandoning the main thrust of Archbishop Lefebvre’s mission has resulted in giving enough time for a post-1964 generation to grow up with the new mass, new sacraments, new church, new liturgy etc. Urged to sin to their heart's content pedophelia, homosexuality, adultery and sexual unions between a man and a woman outside of Marriage are encouraged and sanctified with Rome’s encouragement.

The foundation of the conciliar church...
...was an imposture inspired by Hell for the destruction of the
Catholic religion, of its Magisterium, of its priesthood and of
the Sacrifice of Our Lord. (Spiritual Journey Ch. II)
Those who cling to the old ways preceding Vat II council have all but died off - almost gone - so that barely a remnant of the Church established by Christ is visible in the few cast-offs remaining.

The Superiors of the SSPX, FSP, Redemptorists have become defacto children of the very Church condemned by the Shepherd that ordained them and their first priests. These three groups are not united nor support each other having different variations/opinions about the faith. There is ample documentation to support these and following observations on Cor Mariae in the Resistance movement section.

The Dominicans of Avrille and SAJM have chosen to overlook the errors in doctrine/other that their Bishop Williamson has voiced. One outstanding example is the Bishop’s recognition of the possibility of miracles occurring in the new mass - the very mass denounced by Archbishop Lefebvre as being a different church that is from hell where the new mass is a bastard-rite and cannot give grace - let alone perform a miracle privately decided to be a true one. The new mass is a new anti-catholic mass as declared by Archbishop Lefebvre whom this group of priests and BW outrageously claim to follow.

Remaining are the two resistance groups of priests who recognise the impossibility of joining up with the above-mentioned variety for the reason stated:
  • Group A - like the Dominicans and SAJM provide the Mass of all ages/Sacraments under supplied jurisdiction spurning conciliar Rome but remain silent on the doctrinal errors of Bishop Williamson because they need a Bishop. Is this so far removed from the debacle of Fr. Pfeiffer/Pablo’s seminary where they too recognise the need for a bishop in Bishop Moran? This group of priests are at variance with:

  • Group B who are independent priests providing the Mass of all ages/Sacraments under supplied jurisdiction, but reject allegiance to BW. They have no Bishop whatsoever therefore out of sync with their fellow resistance priests. This group of priests remain truly faithful to the the guidelines laid down by Archbishop Lefebvre. However, two questions must be asked:
  1. Reduced to their present disunited numbers and condition does God only care for the souls served by them?
  2. What about the massive amount of Catholics abroad left to the mercies of the poisonous conciliar Rome?
    Too busy opposing each other the priests of the resistance movement have lost sight of the main objective viz. to unite in their fight to restore Rome to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic faith of our Fathers.
There is the largest group of Catholics who know nothing at all about the resistance movement and/or reject it completely. Broadly they are divided into those who:

(a) attend the Mass of all ages under the Indult and who reject the new mass completely (Trad-ecumenists) and​
(b) that generation spawned throughout the years following 1964 who reject the teachings of the church prior to Vat. II council​
adhering totally to the conciliar anti-catholic counterfeit new church with its new sacraments, liturgy, etc. Then there are the very​
elderly Catholics whose obedience would be called into question if they resisted conciliar-Rome's heresies.**

The Remnant
Those who cling to the teachings of the Apostles faithfully handed down throughout the centuries preceding Vat II council are dying off - almost gone - so that no remnant of the Church established by Christ seems visible except in the few scattered cast-offs remaining. But wait! There is a new generation of young people beginning to emerge out of the ruins who refuse to bow down to the demands of conciliar Rome. It is their generation that will bring about the final victory of Mary’s Immaculate Heart to crush the head of Satan once for all.

*Spiritual journey by Archbishop Lefebvre/Prologue
**Unlike modernistLegionaires of Mary today the elderly Children of Mary Legionaires were a force to be reckoned with speaking out valiantly against every facet of deviation from the true faith.



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Can you tell me what exactly the SSPX has done wrong? I'm confused as to where I should go for Mass as there are so many Latin Mass clubs around these days!


Re the SSPX a brief summary can be found HERE. As you say Latin Masses are around - so take your pick. This administration has made its position clear in the above Newsletter.



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From the sermons of St. Alphonsus Liguori:

"St. John Chrysostom said, that if we wish to know a man's moral habits, we have only to observe the character of the friends with whom he associates; because friendship finds or makes him like his friends."


"One scandalous companion is enough to corrupt all who treat him as a friend. "Know you not," says St. Paul, "that a little leaven corrupts the whole lump?" One of these scandalous sinners is able, by perverse maxim, to infect all his companions. They are false prophets whom Jesus Christ warns us to avoid. "Beware of false prophets," - Matt, vii 15. False prophets deceive, not only by false predictions, but also by false maxims or doctrines, which are productive of the greatest mischief. For, as Seneca says, they leave in the soul certain seeds of iniquity which lead to evil."

Reading these two quotes in conjunction with remembering the history of the "true resistance" should give us pause.
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