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Friday, June 7, 2019


Parish of Riddes, Switzerland

Father Epiney is a Swiss diocesan priest who, being Parish Priest of Riddes (located less than 2 km from the seminary of Ecône) resisted, together with Bishop Lefebvre, the conciliar attack. A great friend and confidant of the Archbishop, he was one of those who worked to obtain the building of the Ecône seminary.

The "priest of Riddes" was well known and appreciated by generations of seminarians, given the proximity of his parish. Even Bishop Fellay, in his childhood, was his altar boy.

Friend of the Fraternity since always, he avoided, until his sermon on May 26, talk about the liberal drift of the SSPX; that is why this public taking of position is a very important milestone in the history of the collapse of the Fraternity.

Comment of the French Forum of the Resistance ( here and here ):

Excellent sermon!
We hope that many priests of the Fraternity have the courage to oppose the arrival of Bishop Huonder to Wangs.
Excerpts from Father Epiney's sermon:

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"What to think of all this? [The arrival of Bishop Huonder] First of all, one is amazed: ... it is accepted in a fraternity school, in Wangs, a conciliar bishop, disciple of Benedict XVI and friend of Francisco and, on the other hand, Bishop Williamson, who was consecrated by Archbishop Lefebvre in 1988, is excluded from the Fraternity. "

"My dear brothers, times are bad, Ecône is changing."

"We can not be silent when it comes to the truth, otherwise we are dumb dogs, we must react because it is our faith, our salvation, the salvation of our souls! We have to wake up and not be asleep!"

"There has been a change: before 2012 it was the conciliar church that persecuted and excluded the most faithful, whereas today it is Ménzingen that, after excluding one of its bishops, has excluded many priests who wanted to remain faithful to the Archbishop Lefebvre: It is the world turned upside down, and then, we can not not react to such a procedure, because if we do not react, everything we have done up to now will have been for nothing ... It turns exactly to what happened 40 years ago [... ] "

"[...] we are losing what we have won because of us, because of those who want to be recognized among us, to be absorbed [...]".




Saturday, 15 June 2019
The sermon of Fr Epiney

Homily of Hw. Curé Epiney on Sunday, May 26, 2019 in Riddes
( Apologies for DeepL translation - Tradcatresist)

Sermon by Hw. Curé Epiney on Sunday 26. May 2019 in Riddes

We have been informed of a communiqué signed by the Superior of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X, Don Davide Pagliarani, and by Bishop Vitus Huonder, Bishop of Chur, who has just resigned:

"Today, Monday, May 20, 2019, Pope Francis released Bishop Vitus Huonder from his office as Bishop of the Diocese of Chur and appointed a Diocesan Administrator until the election of a successor in the Chur Episcopal See. According to his long expressed wish Bishop Huonder withdraws to a house of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X. The sole purpose of this step is to dedicate himself to prayer and silence, to celebrate exclusively the traditional Mass and to work for tradition, in which he sees the only means of renewing the Church. The Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X appreciates the courageous decision of Bishop Huonder and is pleased to be able to offer him the spiritual and priestly framework that he so desires. May others follow this example to 'renew everything in Christ'. - Signed by Bishop + Vitus Huonder, Bishop Emeritus of Chur, and Don Davide Pagliarani, Superior General of FSSPX."
On the same day Bishop Huonder wrote among other things this in his letter to the diocese of Chur:
"I myself now, as already known, take up my residence in the residential wing of the priest house in the Institut Sancta Maria in Wangs/SG. This institute belongs to the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X. In the spirit of Pope Francis, I will strive to contribute there to the unity of the Church, not by excluding, but by helping to discern, accompany and integrate".
What should we think of this

First, we are surprised. A conciliar bishop, a pupil of Pope Benedict XVI, a friend of Pope Francis, is received in a school of fraternity in Wangs. On the other hand, Bishop Williamson, although consecrated by Bishop Lefebvre in 1988, was excluded from the fraternity. Furthermore, Father Schreiber, Superior of the Fraternity for Switzerland, in a letter to Father Grenon, explains that, due to the presence of Father Brühwiler, he forbids the faithful to come here to Riddes for Mass.
Now you know that Father Brühwiler came here to help because of my illness and weakness, and he was excluded from the fraternity! What evil has he done? He wanted (like) Bishop Lefebvre, the founder of the brotherhood, to remain faithful. And like other priests, he was excluded from the brotherhood, as was Bishop Williamson. And Bishop Fellay asked me to send him away. What I cannot do for reasons of conscience, because he is a good, zealous priest who deserves our trust and who cares to be faithful to the Founder. Then Father Brühwiler, excluded from the Fraternity, joined the Priestly Fraternity of the Apostles Jesus and Marie, founded by Bishop Williamson and Bishop Faure. What is this community? - That was the name Archbishop Lefebvre chose for his work. Later he chose the name of the Priestly Brotherhood of Saint Pius X. But the statutes of this priestly community are the same as those of the Fraternity, with the clear and unequivocal will to remain completely faithful to Archbishop Lefebvre, the Founder. Father Brühwiler was therefore no longer accountable to the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X, since he was excluded; and he made a request to join this Fraternity of the Apostles of Jesus and Mary. And he was accepted. He is therefore now under the leadership of Auxiliary Bishop Faure and Auxiliary Bishop Williamson, which allows him to remain here among you. To help us I would like to quote a word from Bishop Tissier de Mallerais. A few years ago he said:
"The great apostasy of which St. Paul speaks does not cease to grow. The social kingship of Christ is very much destroyed by the religious freedom and human rights of the Second Vatican Council. Without the ordinations of Archbishop Lefebvre in 1988, we would have died! Neither would Peter's brotherhood or anything else, no Ecclesia Dei, the tradition would be dead! Operation Survival" was a complete success thanks to the heroic action of Archbishop Lefebvre, who is still excommunicated! Nothing has changed in Rome. Hardened hearts, blinded spirits, the parallel church is the new 'Konzils' church, its new religion is ecumenical. Archbishop Lefebvre was right: "Only bishops who are completely free from any influence of liberal Rome will be able to work for the good of the Church."
My dear believers, the situation is serious. Ecône is changing. It is time to close the ranks and not leave our chapel, as we are recommended! We have always helped the brotherhood, worked for them! We have given her all the chapels we have set up! Why should this be bad? This is the Mother Chapel of all the others here in Valais. To facilitate the Mass of all times. It is not only about Mass, but also about faith! All the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council, all the Bishops read the true Mass! And they all changed to modernism, except for a few who resisted to give only one in the end! Because Archbishop Lefebvre fought to the end. He saved not only the Mass and the priesthood, but also the Catholic faith! Because the result of this renewal is the is apostasy! This is no longer the Catholic Church, that is the ecumenical church, and there are enough examples! One only has to open one's eyes to see that the people (who) have the true Catholic faith, the true moral(s), the truth, lose piety. And the priestly and religious vocations are diminishing more and more. We call on African priests to replace our own, we no longer have enough!

Bishop Huonder was ordained priest with the new rite in 1971. In 2007 he was ordained bishop with the new rite of episcopal ordination. Archbishop Lefebvre, however, said: "All sacraments are doubtful! And so it is no longer clear today in the Church whether priests are priests, whether bishops are bishops! It is confusion! We are in full Protestantism! It is almost the same, or even worse! So by letting such bishops come into the houses of the fraternity, who we are not sure whether their priestly and episcopal ordinations are valid, and who have permanent contacts with other bishops who want to bring us back to Vatican II... Because it is the goal, they also say it: It is about helping to integrate! Yes, yes! He is a disciple of Pope Benedict XVI, ... Because it is the goal, they also say it: It is about helping to integrate! Yes, yes! He is a disciple of Pope Benedict XVI, who drew out some traditional communities who probably remained faithful to the Mass, but who no longer fight the mistakes of modernism. They must be silent! We cannot be silent when it comes to the truth! We must respond! Why? Because it is about our faith, about our salvation, about the salvation of our souls! We must wake up! Let us not fall asleep! We must not run away! Before 2012 it was the Council Church that persecuted and excluded the most faithful, while today - after the exclusion of an Auxiliary Bishop and numerous priests - precisely these excluded want to remain faithful only to Archbishop Lefebvre. That turns the world upside down! We cannot not react to such actions, because everything we have done so far would be in vain!

We are at exactly the same point as we were 40 years ago, when most Catholics obediently accepted the new Mass and the new directions, while obedience is a virtue linked to faith! It is not just about discipline, but about faith! We must obey God, not man! We want to encourage people to remain faithful and have the courage to fight, as Our Lady of La Salette said, with the weapons available: Holy Mass of course, the Rosary and faith! The defence of the Catholic faith to the end! To the death of a martyr, if necessary! For without the Catholic faith one cannot be saved. Our Saviour is not Luther, is not Buddha! Now every week there are ceremonies with Protestants, Buddhists, Jews and whatever! That is no longer the true church! The true church is as if it were being pushed into the background to benefit from a false church! We must stay as we are because we have never left the Church! They are the ones who went out! It is Rome that must return to tradition! It is not tradition that must go to Rome to be received! Our Lady of La Salette said: "Fight, children of light, you, the small number you are seeing". The Church will recede into the background, Rome will lose its faith! May your zeal make you hungry for the glory and glory of Jesus Christ!

We conclude, dear brothers, in these next days the month of Mary introduced by the Holy Philip Neri. He gathered the young people in Rome to ask the Blessed Virgin Mary every day in May, and there were heart-shattering conversions! Among these conversions there were also priests, bishops, sisters and popes! Because by praying to the Blessed Virgin, we touch the heart of our Lord, who can not resist answering to what Our Lady is asking. But today, as Lucia said in Fatima, do not expect the popes, bishops and superiors to give you orders to pray. Everyone should pray for themselves! Especially the rosary prayer! Participation in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, knowledge of the Catechism, the Catholic doctrine to preserve the faith and pass it on! That is our mission. So you benefit from these three prayer days.These are public prayers. At that time there were all sorts of disasters, earthquakes and poverty, so for three days the bishop had ordered large public processions that lasted all day long to ask the Blessed Virgin to put an end to the catastrophes.

And it was achieved! As a result, it has made the church obligatory to celebrate this event.But these days of prayer, who still makes them today? We talk about fertilizers, pesticides and whatever you want! God has given us nature! Every year he makes it bloom again!Every year it brings fruit! You have to thank him! We must pray that we can use it well, and pray fervently with the Blessed Virgin Mary, because only she can strike down the infernal demon that rules in the heart of Rome, the Vatican! The burning of Notre Dame de Paris cathedral is a sign that France's faith is falling to pieces! And when the bishops start from the new, it is the end of the Catholic religion! Marie Julie Jahenny had prophesied 129 years ago that Notre Dame would burn from Paris, but also the Vatican! Punishments are to be expected because God is not mocked.

See, my beloved faithful, how necessary it is to close the ranks and pray with the same passion as 40 years ago, when we had lost everything, and thanks to prayer, God had given us everything again (..) To preserve a home It is now necessary to do this again because we lost what we had won. Because of US! Because of our people who absolutely want to be recognized in order to be accepted. So be careful. Let us watch and pray, keep courage and trust.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.