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Posted By Bernard Gaynor on Friday, August 2, 2019 2:50 pm |

For anyone with eyes to see or ears to hear, the Plenary Council in Australia has become a scandalous disaster. We are watching a train wreck unfold in Australia.

On Monday the Final Report for the Plenary Council Phase 1: Listening and Dialogue was released by the National Centre for Pastoral Research.

This organisation reports directly to the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

And chapter 16 of this report argues that the Catholic Church should ‘modernise’ to accept things such as contraception, homosexual marriage and euthanasia and even change the concept of sin.

Other large segments of the report are devoted to calls for female ordination.

And this document is written in the context that the calls have come directly from the ‘people of God’ who have been inspired by the ‘Spirit’ to answer the question: what do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?

It is clear that, as a collective, bishops are either allowing the Church in Australia to start on a path that will see it formally break off communion with Rome, or they have lost control of the Plenary Council process and we will end up, for all intents and purposes, in a mess that looks much the same.

We are faced with a disaster of calamitous proportions for the true faith in this nation.

I have sent the open letter below to every bishop and hundreds of priests. You might like to sign the petition below it in support – however due to technical limitations this will only be sent to the Secretary of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and the Archbishops of Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

But, most importantly, it’s time to get on our knees, pull out our rosary beads and beg Our Lady Help of Christians for assistance…



Dear Australian Bishops

An open letter to Australia’s Catholic Bishops: The Plenary Council has become a scandal!

The release of the Final Report for the Plenary Council Phase 1: Listening and Dialogue dramatically makes clear two things: the bishops have lost control of the Plenary Council and the Catholic Church in Australia is in the midst of a full-blown revolutionary crisis.

This report gives credence to all manner of heretical, blasphemous and evil ideas, including:
  • Female ordination
  • An end to priestly celibacy
  • Communion for all
  • Contraception
  • Divorce
  • Euthanasia
  • Homosexuality
It is scandalous that this document has been released under the authority of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference via the National Centre for Pastoral Research. It not only fails to condemn the above and other evils but instead cloaks them with a veneer of legitimacy by claiming that they are Catholic answers to the question: what do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?

This document stands in stark contrast to Mirari Vos which condemned attacks on religious celibacy and liberty of conscience. There can be no doubt that in saner times the very documents of this Plenary Council would have been condemned and destroyed and the words of Pope Gregory XVI almost two centuries ago ring ever louder:

The Church has always taken action to destroy the plague of bad books. This was true even in apostolic times for we read that the apostles themselves burned a large number of books.

The Plenary Council process has now descended into a farcical and scandalous sham that, at best, will plunge the Catholic Church in Australia into a civil war for generations. At worst it will result in open and defiant schism, heresy and destruction of the Church morally, institutionally and financially.

That the Plenary Council process is now dangerously out of control of the bishops is plainly obvious.

The Plenary Council cannot change the doctrines of the Church, yet all the documents released to date are filled with revolutionary cries in relation to Church teaching on basic morality and attacks on the very nature of the priesthood, the holy sacrifice of the Mass and the sacraments. Consequently, the spirit of the Plenary Council is now one that revolts openly against apostolic authority and the laws of the Church.

The Plenary Council is harming the mission of the Church to save souls by sowing dissent, revolt and confusion by also aiding the great attacks on the family and the very nature of man that we are assailed with today.

Worse, while the Plenary Council documentation is filled with buzzwords and phrases like ‘discernment’ and ‘listen to the Spirit’, there has been no training or guidance given to Catholics on the basics of discernment, which is to recognize and perceive that not all inspirations come from God, but that the evil spirits are also active.

Thus the process of the Plenary Council has opened the Church to Satan himself and it is now clear that his diabolical and destructive suggestions are wreaking havoc.

The only benefit that comes from this latest report, albeit accidentally, is that it highlights the true and sorry state of the Church in Australia today: most who call themselves Catholic do not know the faith and are openly opposed to the teachings of the Church.

Therefore, there has never been a more important time for Australia’s bishops to strongly defend the faith and clearly teach it to all.

The only question is whether any will do so. It has now been four days since this report was released and the response has been mute silence in the face of this scandal.

Now is not the time for inaction, sluggishness or hiding! In moments of great crises we can be sure that God stands ready to provide great graces to those who have the duty of acting boldly and courageously to defend His Church.

There is great grace available for any bishop who stands ready to do his duty and become the saint that he was made to be.

I pray that you accept this grace. All Australians, whether they adhere to the true faith or are unwittingly or even knowingly part of the revolution against the Church need you to. God has ordained a hierarchy and unless the bishops do their duty of state all of society faces natural and supernatural perils.

The Plenary Council should be stopped. In its current form it will only endanger souls.

Will any bishop state this plainly obvious truth?

May Our Lady Help of Christians, Australia’s great patroness who has so protected the Church in other times of crisis and who has been so rudely and scandalously ignored in the Plenary Council process, guide and protect us.

Bernard Gaynor



Dear ................

The millions of taxpayers' dollars wasted on Garry Burns by the New South Wales justice system has finally been addressed in the New South Wales parliament.

Last week, Mark Latham roasted Burns and the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board. You can watch his superb and courageous speech here:

Not surprisingly, Burns has reacted like a triggered old hag. He's sent multiple abusive emails, including one just this morning containing these words:
But Garry Burns is just like a good dose of herpes because he doesn’t go away or ever give up…

…There will always be minor league dills with domestic trimmings like Mark Latham in our parliament and we the sensible folk should deal with him like passing a motion ( bowel movement ) and just flush the chain and let the the poo poo disappear.

Classy - the guy has even likened himself to a sexually-transmitted disease. It's not a bad description.

In an earlier email he called for Cardinal Pell to be bashed to death in jail.

This is the man that millions has been wasted upon. And still this farcical abuse of the justice system continues.

I will be back in court on 27 and 28 August.

On 27 August I will be seeking that Burns' complaints in the Local Court be stayed until he pays his costs of his failed High Court appeal and until the NSW Court of Appeal can determine if the new laws brought into to allow his complaints against me to continue are constitutionally valid.

On 28 August there will be a directions hearing before the NSW Court of Appeal.

In other news (for those who may be interested), the Catholic Church in Australia seems set on self-destruction. Documents released in support of the 2020 Plenary Council in Australia include calls to accept abortion, euthanasia and even separation of the Church in Australia from Rome.

I have released an open letter to the bishops calling on them to shut down the Plenary Council process, which is now clearly out of control and high-jacked by revolutionaries intent on radically attacking Church teaching.

You can read that letter here.

Thank you for your prayers and support. I was in dire circumstances last time I wrote but thanks to your generosity I can continue this fight. My family and I cannot properly express our gratitude. Please know that we keep all donors in our daily prayers and have regular Masses offered for you.




Life is an incredible gift. That’s why it’s disheartening to see it under sustained attack right now. In only the last few weeks:
  • Victoria’s first officially sanctioned assisted suicide occurred, seeing a mother from Bendigo end her own life.
  • The NSW lower house of Parliament rushed through a terrible abortion bill that would allow an unborn child’s life to be ended at any time before birth.
  • The Western Australian Government unveiled a bill for euthanasia and assisted suicide that’s worse than the Victorian regime. It would even allow a doctor to start a conversation with their patient about the option of ending their life.
But we’re not taking any of this lying down. Absolutely not! With your help, we’re working hard to defend life.

Not only are we mobilising our grassroots supporters across Australia, we’re constantly seeking to reach out to new people.

In the last few weeks, we’ve passed the incredible milestone of 50,000 supporters. Now, that sounds impressive, but so what? What does it mean practically?

To put it in perspective, it means we now have an average of more than 340 supporters for every federal MP.

And that’s precisely the point. Having a big email list means little unless we’re able to help people take meaningful action.

We’ve been doing a lot of that lately – but, as you can see from the dot points above, we have so much more to do.

Will you help us continue campaigning for life by making a donation?

The NSW abortion debate has shown that MPs are taking notice of your efforts.

Police Minister David Elliott shared on Facebook this week that he had received 376 communications (emails and phone calls) from his constituents. These are not random people – these are locals within his own electorate.

A massive 360 out of 376 were AGAINST the abortion bill! That’s a phenomenal result – and one reflected in Mr Elliott’s vote against the bill.
Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph reported this week that “MPs are being inundated with emails”.

We can verify this.

As of yesterday afternoon, 5746 AFC supporters had sent a total of 282,028 emails to their MPs and MLCs in a short space of time.
And we’re not done yet, with a hard copy petition in circulation, submissions called for, and other efforts coming.

This is why we need your help.

We appreciate you taking action in campaigns. We’re grateful for you spreading the word – and for your prayers.

Kathleen, what we need right now is your financial support.

Can you spare $50, $100, $200 or any other amount to help us maintain the campaign for life across the country?

The challenges to life are coming at both ends of the spectrum – young and old – and from coast to coast.

But there’s absolutely NOTHING inevitable about public debate and politics. The federal election result certainly proved that.

We’re committed to meeting these challenges – and, with your help, we’ll be increasingly better able to.

We’re glad to be working alongside you.

Kind regards,

The Australian Family Coalition team

Debate on both the NSW abortion bill and the WA assisted suicide bill will resume very soon. We’re also mindful that the SA abortion debate will soon resume – as will “assisted dying” debates in numerous states. Too often, whatever affects one state will end up affecting others.
We must be ready to meet these challenges and that’s why your donation means so much to us now. Please follow this link and consider how best you can help:

If you would like to donate by bank transfer, our details are:

BSB 035-046
Account: 468987




Thank you all for your Christmas messages and support!

Legal Update

Over the Christmas period my legal team has finalised written submissions in preparation for the next court case defending against the serial homosexual litigant, Garry Burns. They argue that the laws brought in by the NSW government that have allowed Burns to continue his litigation against me are constitutionally invalid.

The NSW Attorney General is arguing, of course, that they are valid and also that NSW laws apply to statements made by people living in other states.

I hope, for all our sakes, that I win this case. If not, anyone in Australia will be at risk of being dragged into NSW to answer for their views on marriage.

There is still some other work to be done but I believe that we are well prepared for court on 24 February, 2020.

While my case is well underway, I have no idea what is happening with Garry Burns’ complaints against Israel Folau, or even if Israel intends to defend himself against it. I hope that he does.

In relation to the Chief of Defence's decision to pursue me for almost $750,000 in legal costs, I can report that over the Christmas period it became clear that this pursuit has ignored the proper procedures. I have been denied an opportunity to even challenge these costs.

I have taken action in relation to this and believe that it, once again, demonstrates that this pursuit is a malicious effort to destroy my family and I at enormous cost to the taxpayer.

Scrap the Religious Discrimination Bill

Unfortunately, although the year remains in its infancy, we are already facing a number of serious attacks on freedom.

The proposed Religious Discrimination Bill will be an absolute disaster. I have written why here and you can sign my short petition opposing this law here.

In a nutshell, we need to repeal anti-discrimination laws and abolish agencies such as the Australian Human Rights Commission if we want to protect freedom in Australia. Instead, this bill proposes to increase the powers of the anti-discrimination industry.

It will also give us the last thing we need – a Religious Discrimination Commissioner.

If this bill is ever passed into law, prepare yourself for someone like Waleed Aly or Peter FitzSimons to be given this highly lucrative, taxpayer-funded gig ‘overseeing’ our religious freedom. It’s the exact opposite of ‘draining the swamp’. And our freedom will only be further eroded.


Brisbane City Council drag queens

Tragically, this week also saw the death of Wilson Gavin.

I knew him a little and he was a brave and courageous young man. His death is shocking. So is the fact that the Brisbane City Council even invited drag queens (one named after a disgusting homosexual practice) to read to children.

Please sign this petition to Brisbane City Council calling for it to stop the completely inappropriate practice of drag queen story time.

However, if it does not, we need to get many more people protesting at their libraries. We cannot afford to leave this fight to a small group of university students – indeed, I am ashamed that so far it has been almost entirely left to them.

Further, it has been reported that Wilson received a great deal of hate mail before his death, some of which called for him to kill himself. I believe that there should be a police investigation into whether any person breached section 311 of the Queensland Criminal Code which makes it an offence to incite or counsel suicide, or if any other telecommunication offences were committed.

Indeed, I find it extremely surprising and disturbing that there has been no statement from the police about this at all. It stands in stark contrast to the swift decision to prosecute a Queensland woman for sending expletive-laden messages to a Muslim activist.

There should be one standard for all – unfortunately it seems that there are double-standards for special people.

Qld government attack on Catholic Church

While our bureaucracies are happy to hand out blue cards to ‘adult’ entertainers named after disgusting sexual acts so that they can read to children, the Catholic Church is facing an assault on the sacrament of confession in the name of child protection.

I accept that many of those calling for the seal of confession to be broken may have good intentions. However, the reality is that the proposed laws are nothing more than attack on the Church that simply cannot work. At best, the proposed laws are based on a complete misunderstanding of what is actually confessed.

Priests are not told who, how, when, what or why. They are simply told that a sin has been committed – by a person who is also anonymous.

Even if priests did report to police, it is hard to know what could be done with the useless information provided. Not even the priest knows who entered the confessional.

The real problem is that the state is attempting to insert itself into a moment with God. That is why the seal of the confessional is inviolable. If you oppose attempts to turn priests into police informants, please sign this petition here.

Finally, my good friend Dave Pellowe is once again hosting his ‘Church and State’ summit – this time in Auckland as well as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Although some of the summit promotes evangelical Christianity (which, as a Catholic, I do not support), Dave has lined up an impressive list of speakers who have confronted many of the problems facing our society today relating to life, marriage and family.

You can register here to attend.

Thank you once again for your support and please keep me and my family in your prayers.