Bp. Williamson teaches Universal Salvation, again


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In a video below, Bishop Williamson gave a speech at their "banquet" right after he consecrated Bishop Zendejas (May 11); in total defiance to God, His Church, and to an effect, an absolute BLASPHEME against Heaven!

In the 7:06 minute speech, Bishop Williamson said, in order:
  1. After the joke of hell "being paved with the skulls of bishops", opposite to the disposition St. John Chrysostom intended to be somber, serious, and grave, all the bishops and crowd present bellied out with spontaneous laughter at such a quote. (sic)
  2. Bishop Williamson, like Bishop Fellay and other revolutionaries, said "If I look behind me, the line is very straight that brought us to where we are today." I'll give him that since 2012 to present in the faux-pas resistance; but prior as a continuity, not so. BW turned the line around going straight in reverse direction.
  3. BW said, while swaying his body back and forth in a gesture of an either/or, "To be a catholic rather than a non-catholic because a catholic has a much greater chance to get to heaven." What bigotry! As if there is an ambiguous universal salvation one can pick and choose. He's back to your "personal choice" again he paraded almost 2 years ago saying one can make "your own judgment" to do what you think is right instead of the absoluteness and Power of God to the need to convert from the death and darkness of the other choice to to be a baptized Catholic. Notice also the two bishops to his right had lower their heads giving the appearance of disagreeing "this is another novus ordo moment" - they are right. What shame! And those bishops say NOTHING! Including the new bishop Zendejas.
  4. Tomorrow the four bishops "...will give a consecration to Russia the best as we can do it. We can't replace, we can't do what our Lady asked for, which is the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart, by the pope, and in union with all the bishops of the world. That's impossible! We can do what we can do, and the little we can do, the of the four of us, leading yourselves, will do tomorrow." Why is it not possible? Our Lady explicitly promised it would be fulfilled...but too late by the false man-made peace." BW has his own world view regulating his independence.
  5. "God will lead towards us the souls that He chooses. And if there isn't a grace given by God to a soul to come anywhere near us, that soul is not going to understand what we are up to. It takes a special grace for a soul today to understand what is going on. And so I don't think we need to be too concerned to bring souls towards us because people just don't understand today. They don't have ears to hear." What a dark ambition to serve God. Where is the missionary spirit to go out into the alleyways and byways to gain souls for the heavenly marriage feast? (sic)
  6. BW leaves another error claiming "...the Apostles only left three means to them: example, charity, and prayer...I don't think much more will fly. This dog won't hunt. Today many a dog won't hunt. Today it is by God's permission. It is going to last as long as God wants. But I think the flame will be relit, the Church will be back to on it's feet and in the end and the Immaculate Heart will triumph and the Church , some prophesies say, will see its greatest triumph ever." Translation = do nothing, Heaven will do it for us.
  7. "Patience, pray for your priests pray for your bishops, pray your rosary, and do the reparations on first Saturdays, that's what we can do and that's what we should do." Then just sit on your laurels and let souls pass by...perishing. Why is it about "praying for them" when they do not go out into the Lord's vineyard and work?

Where is the burning desire for vocations? For seeking out souls?

It is so hard to listen to him slander God and the Faith as he does.

And on a side, Bishop Williamson came out again (always on flip-flop) not to go to the Society of St. Pius X any more. If it means anything coming from him.

BW just says whatever he wants...whenever he wants.

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In another sad sermon, Bishop Williamson confirms again universal salvation and that God and his Church can be, and is, corrupt.

(@ minute 24:32)​
"The Catholic Church has gone conciliar, it's still the church, even though it is rotten with conciliarism with Vatican II."
(@ minute 34:31)​
"May God bless Bishop Zendejas. May God bless all Catholics in whatever part of the church who are keeping the faith despite everything. Not only inside Tradition. Let us not believe that tradition has a monopoly on Catholicism. Catholicism is much much more than the dear movement of tradition of today. May our Lady look after all Catholics in whatever part of the church they are found."

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Bishop Williamson said:
"Let us not believe that tradition has a monopoly on Catholicism. Catholicism is much much more than the dear movement of tradition of today. May our Lady look after all Catholics in whatever part of the church they are found."

Here again Bishop Williamson adopts Vatican II teaching (Lumen Gentium and others LG §8; DH§1; UR§3), saying the church is both two or more forms of churches represented in different beliefs and effectively subsists in the 'catholic church" -The principle of conciliar ecumenism at its finest.

Consistent with what he said in the same error on Jan. 7, 2017 (EC #495), Tradition is only a "part of the Catholic Church":

"In today’s crisis of the Church, of an unprecedented gravity in all Church history, it is most important that Catholics should give due importance both to the Traditional movement and to the Catholic Church outside the Traditional movement." (Bishop Williamson, Eleison Comments, #495)​

This teaching of BW is a grave digression from what we Catholics are taught and particularity in this fight Archbishop Lefebvre spent his life fighting for the rights of Christ the King.
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