A step closer to uniting resistance movement


This excellent sermon is largely a commentary on Archbishop Vigano's recent interview with (GREC) Fr. Claude Barthe, widely regarded by Resistance faithful as representing Vigano's final arrival into integral traditionalism.

A couple observations regarding Fr. Hewko's sermon:

1) At minute 37:05, he announces he has just this year reverted to the fully traditional, pre-Bugnini Holy Week. That is a momentous and wonderful development, and it is to be hoped that the wider Resistance will follow this example. After all, if even the indult groups like the FSSP and ICK can use the integrally Catholic Holy Week, why can't the Resistance (or for that matter, the SSPX)?

2) Why is the SSPX not championing Archbishop Vigano? Could it be because they do not want to burn their bridge into conciliar Rome? That while Vigano has fought his way into integral traditionalism, the SSPX is fighting its way into conciliarism? They appear to be two ships passing in the night, in opposite directions.

3) There is nothing in Fr. Hewko's sermon which couldn't have also fallen from the lips of Bishop Williamson, Zendejas, Faure, or Thomas Aquinas. Note that both factions of Resistance are equally supportive of Archbishop Vigano's advent into integral traditionalism. Why? Because both recognize truth when they hear it, and rallying around such a man as Vigano makes all differences between the two Resistance camps completely moot:

For example, who was right at Mahopac in 2015: Bishop Williamson or Fr. Hewko and Fr. Pfeiffer? Answer: If we have +Vigano, it no longer matters, and the issue is completely moot, because Archbishop Vigano has called for the abolition of the Novis Ordo. In other words, if there is no longer any such thing as a Novus Ordo, then Bishop Williamson cannot give a pastoral permission to attend while half-converts are in transit to Tradition. Likewise, Fr. Hewko can no longer oppose Bishop Williamson for doing so, because there will no longer be such a rite.

With Vigano at the helm, these old divisions dissipate, and the Resistance factions (even if they themselves are not conscious of it, or if they will not publicly admit it) are drawn closer together, simply by drawing closer to Vigano (the principal of unity, stemming from his proclamation of truth).

4) Note the good fruits of Archbishop Vigano! Be sure the devil is not slow to recognize them as well. Watch for him to attempt to frustrate this unity. The two factions may or may not remain independent of eachother; time will tell. But so long as they are both fighting for the same things Vigano is fighting for, then in fact, they are fighting on the same side, and in the same army (just different battalions).

The big news from Fr. Hewko’s sermon is not that he started saying the old Holy Week (good as that is), but that in +Vigano the Resistance has found a leader around whom both factions of the Resistance can support, and therefore unify to become a force.
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