The Broken Wheel #1

The Broken Wheel #1 2021-06-01

The Broken Wheel
The Purpose

The purpose of this publication is to teach true doctrine so that men may understand the crisis in the Church that we are suffering and to encourage men to live according to their Faith. For this they must understand that Catholicism has a social as well as a personal aspect. A man who assists at Sunday Mass, says his prayers, especially his daily rosary, and receives the sacraments regularly, at the minimum making his Easter duty, and does the penances imposed by the Church, is indeed a practising Catholic. Living in this manner is the necessary foundation to be a Soldier of Christ. Only men of prayer and penance can be Soldiers of Christ. This is only the foundation, being a soldier of Christ demands more. It demands that a man desire to make his nation a land where Christ is King. Where Christ’s law is the law of the land. Where the ten commandments are the foundation of all civil laws. Where the Catholic Church is supported by the civil government and false religions are banned or at worst only tolerated. Desires are not enough, the Soldier of Christ must make efforts that this become a reality. He must publicly work that Christ reigns in society. He must stir up the grace of Confirmation, activate the gifts of the Holy Ghost that he received and have confidence that with the grace of God all evils can be overcome. He must make Christ the King of his home. His home should be a safe haven from the evil influences of the world. All lies, untruths, false doctrines and immorality must be banned from the home. Christian doctrine must be promoted and he must educate his family according to the teachings of the Catholic Church.... (cont'd).......
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