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    Cri De Coeur

    Disagree. If I need a priest, then I'm already lost. There is no acceptable priest available to me. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation, a Lone Ranger Catholic. There's not even a Tonto. The closest thing is a Protestant work associate with whom I share many moral standards. ie...
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    In the USA, refusal to work on Sunday will result in being unemployed in most wage earning jobs--the overwhelming majority. I have no choice in the matter unless I want to end up homeless or on welfare. My Sunday job is as a home health aide for a care agency. Given my situation, no mass, no...
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    Somewhere else to look?

    Found this site by accident. I may check it out now and then. I'm in mid 60s, never married, no family, no longer have access to Mass or Sacraments, with loss of Mass went loss of friends. Working long hours to survive paycheck to paycheck, in survival mode in every way including spiritual...